Saturday Night Contest - About the Launch Podcast

Jul 10, 2010
McAllen, TX
No current plans for a mobile specific site, although this whole new site is kind of a mobile site, as all elements should be fully functional on iPhone's, iPad's, and iPod Touches - including the videos. Much of this functionality is already complete, but we have a few more fixes before everything is fully up and running on those devices.

It also works on BlackBerry.


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Aug 31, 2007
Lol I was totally the first to email. (page 79) I told Casey where to find the address in the picture. And Dan White was in the MS chat when I emailed. Perhaps it just got to their inbox later. heh, fair enough. ;) Far too much cost to get to Canada!

Finally got my box of Sentinels today. Prior to the podcast I thought maybe there would be a bonus for being first. ;) Thanks for an awesome hunt T11!
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