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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Aug 14, 2010.

  1. It constantly surprises me how many people ask questions that have already been answered, and also how many people ask the same questions as others in these threads.
  2. 1. What happened to the T11 shirts?
    2. What exactly were the 5 new releases? Were they Sentinels, Smoke, Colorblind, Invisible Deck, and the new site?
    3. Who were the Original 11 that started all this?
  3. I already asked 3 questions but will ask a fourth:

    How many questions have you gotten on the Wire? Hahahahaha.

  4. 1)Are there any new features planned for the new site?

    2)Do you have any new magicians who are going to be be featured on the site?

    3)Any plans for a new T11 exclusive deck design?
  5. Are there any plans to add new apparel like hoodies, hats or shirts to the gear section?
  6. 1. Will there be more products from Rorrison?
    2. How many editions of the Sentinels do you think there will be?
    3. Exactly how long did the new website take to finish? from planning to publish?
  7. 1. any new artist join T11?
    2. any CCC this year?
  8. 1) Is Smoke not recommended for kids because it is dangerous?
    2) When is the wire going to be released?
    3) In the Invisible deck dvd does Justin teach different presentations or just the one shown on the demo?
  9. My Questions

    1. You guys seem to care a lot for design. How important do you think a visual language is and how can it make a difference to magic and magicians.

    2. That are great news at Theory11, such as Sentinels, Smoke, Colorblind and CoinONE. Do you plan launching products for this many types of magic or more concentrated on any specific one? Any plans on mentalism, as well?

    3. What were the inspirations for the Sentinels? That's a great design!
  10. if i'm guilty. it was because i was too lazy to read the thread. I'm confident that my questions haven't been answered yet. but they possibly have been asked already. oh well.
  11. 1. Of all designs in the world, why choose the grey look for both the T11 website and logo? Or rather, what were the inspirations behind it?

    2. How is this site different, or rather, better as compared to sites such as Ellusionist and D&D?

    3. Are there any future projects that are coming up soon?
  12. what was the inspiration for the new site.
    is it along the same lines as the new deck?
    what about the new logo? what was that from?
  13. How do you get into the mind of a customer?

    Robert Harbin?

    Any plans with E coming up soon?
  14. LOLed at the E part......:)
  15. Hi guys!

    The podcast has been posted. I thought it fitting to bring in one of our moderators (Zach) to help moderate this discussion, as I found it very difficult to ask and answer questions at the same time. We truly tried to get to as many questions as possible, and no question was too controversial - we answered as many as we could in the time period allotted. You can listen to it now on the roundtable discussion archive page.

    Tonight's prize goes to creep2night for his question submitted and asked during the podcast. Congratulations! I will try to jump back into this thread a bit later tonight and answer some of the questions that we did not get a chance to during the podcast. Thanks to everyone for participating in this tonight, and most of all we appreciate your support, especially this past week.
  16. It wont let me listen to it, that sucks!
  17. If you have trouble clicking the "listen" button on that page (or if it doesn't work), you should be able to right click on the MP3 button and hit Save Target As. Here is a direct link, as well. Enjoy, and let us know if you have any trouble getting it to play.
  18. does the bug have a special meaning on the flap of the box?
  19. ha i laughed at the part when you were all talking about casey and his package, the pelican :p
  20. So THAT'S what it was, gosh darn you theory11 pelican!!! I will avenge!!!!

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