Saturday Night Contest - About the Launch Podcast

Nov 30, 2008
Ann Arbor, MI
1) What was the biggest inspiriation or source for the symbolism in the Sentinels?
2) Why were the pips on the Sentinels made smaller than most custom decks?
3) Can we have any news, details, dates, updates, etc. about the Blue Smoke and Mirrors?
My questions are as follows

1. What are some of your projects in the works?
2. Have you guys ever thought about selling books or T-shirts on the site.
3. What kind of camera do you use for your videos/DVDs?

Also I love the new site!


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Aug 3, 2010
Dominican Republic
1-Why did you guys take two effects that was already released?? I mean Color Blind was released on Penguin Magic with the name: An Extraordinary Exhibition of Seeing with the Fingertips and SMOKE was already released on the Alan Rorrison website as Shmoke.

2-Why the new deck is called Sentinels?

3-Why you guys don't make a dvd or dvd set with all the tricks on 1-on-1?

Sorry about my english..
Apr 5, 2009
will there be more changes to the company and its policies? in other words, will anything change? new programs, or removal of old things?

what are your hopes for the future of theory11?

if there was anything you could have changed about the way things were released, what?
Aug 31, 2007
Los Angeles
1. Who was involved in the new site design and what did they do or contribute?
2. Can we have a protected forum for people who purchased SMOKE so we can discuss ideas and presentation?
3. What made you decide on these particular releases for the 3 year anniversary and was there other stuff in the works you would have liked to include as well?

Lyle Borders

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Aug 5, 2008
Seattle, WA
How many hours were spent in the organization of all of the August releases and who all was involved?

All in all, from a behind the scenes view, do you consider all of the August releases a success?

Were there other projects that were intended for this release that had to be postponed? If so, what call you tell us about them?
Aug 14, 2010
I recently made my first purchase from you guys and overall I'm massively impressed and pleased.

1) The Sentinels are simply amazing, no doubt about it; based on design only, and including all aspects - backs, faces, jokers, box - are they your new favorite deck? If not, what design tops your list?

2) It's been about a week or so since the launch of the Sentinels, and they still appear to be in stock; was this expected, or did you think they'd fly off the shelves within the first 3 days?

3) The redesigned site looks great and, aside from some bugs that I'm sure you're working out, it's quite the improvement. Have you ever considered adding inventory stock quantities to your various product pages? They needn't be fancy or anything, just a little thing near the "Add to Cart" button that says something like "550 in stock." I feel like this would be a massively useful feature, but I'm not really sure how easily it could be implemented...
Aug 14, 2010
You guys did an awesome job with the site redesign. It looks great, everything is easy to find and use... very nice. I know how much work goes into putting something like this together.

What was the biggest challenge you guys faced with the new site, and how did you tackle it?
Jun 12, 2010
1. why and who came up with name and logo of theory11
2. why do the senitals have the pyramid and the eye....something to do with the illuminati or is JB interested in conspiracy theories(theory11 eh?)
3. Will u guys ever make a major dvd project in which ever magician will teach their original tricks/flourishes and techniques?
May 23, 2010
What inspired you to come up with the Sentinel deck design ?
What made you update this website ?
Did you have fun while updating this website or selling the Sentinels ?


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Sep 1, 2007
1. How long did you guys take to actually renovate the forum/webpage?
2. What happened to the "Wire"?
3. How are you guys doing?
Aug 14, 2010
1. Which theory11 artists contributed into the making of the Sentinels?
2. Do you guys have any news on projects/cards arriving in the upcoming weeks or months?
3. What inspired you to remodel your website?(By the way, it looks GREAT)
Jul 7, 2008
1) Do you know that the latest Theory 11 website doesn't works well with Internet Explorer ?

2) Why Alan Rorrison didn't appear on the "SMOKE" DVD ?

3) The Sentinels decks are limited or are there gonna be re-printed many times ?
Aug 14, 2010
Austin, Texas
(1) What ever happened to the wire?!
(2) What do you currently dislike the most within the art of magic? For example the exposure, trading and sorts or the loyalty of customers, who tend to pair with just one site/company (Theory11, Penguin, Ellusionist) as opposed to being connected to all.
Apr 24, 2010
What measures did you take to keep the site revamp and the sentinels project secret?

What was the artists initial reaction when they first saw smoke?

Were there any alternate designs or themes for the sentinels at the start of the project?
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