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  1. So any news on the Wire???
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    Lol I was totally the first to email. (page 79) I told Casey where to find the address in the picture. And Dan White was in the MS chat when I emailed. Perhaps it just got to their inbox later. heh, fair enough. ;) Far too much cost to get to Canada!
  3. Yea man I was thinking why I was considered the first one. cause I know you got there before I did. I was like, "wait what? I thought it was Justin!". Sorry man, I had no idea that was going to happen. I feel bad now haha.
  4. lol, sorry don't feel bad at all!! You enjoyed the experience a lot! Seriously. I was just surprised to hear that. (My package is still in the mail)
  5. Heh, just noticed that the image on the sides has clubs spades diamonds and hearts in the splotches.
  6. What are you most selling products to date and why?
    How has theory11 effected the business of other magic sites, such as ellusionist and penguinmagic etc?
    Is theory11 ever going to do a TV program, or publish a book?

  7. 1)Is there any link between the design of the cards and the Illuminati organisation?
    2)what about the Q1 quality?
  8. what is the difference between Colorblind the same as "An Extraordinary Exhibition of Seeing with the Fingertips"
    why did you make coinONE, again?
    what will your next project be like? DVD, book, download?
  9. Why no questions on the.wire?

  10. 1- Are Smoke and colorblind as great as we can see on the teasers?
    2- Why have you put the tricks and 1 on 1s in a same section?
    3- GEAR: New T-Shirts coming soon!!!!!!!????!!!!
  11. Listen to the podcast. You will see most of your questions are answered there.

    Hope this helps
  12. What was the inspiration behind the design of the sentinels since you guys take the time to actually create new card designs instead of editing existing designs like ellusionist.
  13. Since theory11 has fresh new look and new products to start off, what new possibilities can we expect from theory 11 in the coming months?
  14. Hey Guys, not to put a damper on your mood or anything, but the Podcast has already been posted.
  15. Jonathan said they might be answering some unanswered questions that weren't read on the podcast

    Just the one unanswered question, will the new Theory 11 logo replace the old logo on the older products, i.e before Smoke, Sentinels, Colorblind, etc.?
  16. Oh, my bad. I didn't read all the pages. Sorry about that.
  17. Wasn't on the thread was actually on the podcast lol
  18. Yes - and has already in many cases. If you still see remnants of the old logo around the site, they will soon be replaced during this process of transition. If you want to see the FULL new logo sequence, check out the Invisible Deck preview. Usually, that full (extended) sequence is to be reserved for DVD's, but it slipped through there and we will let it stay!
  19. Yes! Very soon.
  20. No current plans for a mobile specific site, although this whole new site is kind of a mobile site, as all elements should be fully functional on iPhone's, iPad's, and iPod Touches - including the videos. Much of this functionality is already complete, but we have a few more fixes before everything is fully up and running on those devices.

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