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  1. 1. How will the new website format help members navigate through the website easier?
    2. Do the swords and the pyramids on the Sentinals correlate to each other in a way, making you guys choose those two objects to be put on the backs of the cards?
    3. How did Alan Rorrison stumble upon the concept/idea and the trick used in Smoke?
    4. Can i have a free deck of Sentials? lol :p
  2. Is the new logo the reason some of the newest releases did not open with the old logo?

    How long has each new release, including the new site, been in the works?

    Although there are many new artists added to the artist section, some are artists are still missing. What makes one worthy enough to be on the list (or has it just not been fully updated yet?)

  3. What was the most dramatic moment for the T11 Crew during this whole thing?

    What do you call a fence with holes in it?

    For the love of all that is pasta, what the in the bloody hell is The Wire!?
  4. Any ideas of bringing back something similar to the battle section?
  5. What about the process of developing The Sentinels was it that people said couldn't be done?
    Any chance of there ever being a reversed of Guardians and naming it Black Guardians?
    Why did you feel the need to change the logo as well as the whole online experience?
  6. Are you guys going to release Totally Out of Control or Genesis?
    Where's the wire? You said you would have an update on it.
  7. 1) Will T11 make their own gaff deck? maybe sentinels gaff deck?
    2) Ever considered selling magic instructions in PDF or any other eBook format?
    3) The new website looks great, however old website had some magical feeling in it -- maybe you could add something to the nwe one to compensate that? :)
  8. 1. When did the idea for redesigning the site come about? How long has theory11 been working on it?
    2. What is the basic process for creating a new deck and where did the inspiration for Sentinels come from?
    3. When unveiling a new product, is your first feeling eagerness/excitement or nervousness/worry (when wondering what the audience would think).
  9. 2) when smoke came to you, was the gimmick the same as it is now? or did alan rorrison and the t11 crew spend time developing it?
  10. 1) is smoke dangerous in any way?
    2) why isn't there shirts in the gear section anymore?
    3) why aren't the 1 on 1 downloads separate from the dvds?
  11. 1) Often times, people are very critical of their own work. Actually, that most often is the case. Are you proud with how the changes have been made? Or did any fall short of your hopes and expectations.

    2) I understand that you guys have countless amount of projects in the works. Many we haven't even heard mentioned, how did you choose which products you wanted to release? It seems like release dates could be simpler at other times, but you guys meant for this to be extra special, so I'm curious as to what went into your selections.

    3) I'm sure you're all very proud of every release you've released in one way or another, but what one release... or two, stand above the rest? The one you look at and can't help but smile.
  12. Where does theory11 go from here?
    How was the traffic to the site affected after/during the site update.
    I know the wire will be awesome, no questions there just wanted to throw it out there.
  13. 3) is colorblind completely impromptu? if so, is it a move with a lot of possibilities for using it in other effects just like smoke is capable of doing?
  14. Now that you're using mp4 files to put videos on the site, is there any chance of also offering future 1-on-1s in this format? It would achieve the same effect as using them for the site - compatibility with the highest number of users.
  15. How long did it take you guys to finalize the final design for sentinels?
    How long and how do you choose a new design for playing cards before it goes to print?
    How do would go about topping cards like sentinels since sentinels raised the bar for playing cards?
  16. Love Theory11 and all its products

    1. Are the new products and website layout created to compete with Ellusionist?
    2. Will the older products use the new Theory11 logo from now on?
    3. Can you give us some hints on future products?
  17. 1. Seriously-- what's up with The Wire? Ha. Any details regarding its status would be much appreciated. Looking forward to seeing it go live... if it's ready.

    2. What was the inspiration or motivation behind the new T-11 logo? And how did you come to work with Bradley Grosh?

    3. Can I get a what-what?

  18. 1. is smoke completly 100% safe
    2.are the sentinals limited
    3.who was involved in redesigning theory11
  19. 1. Any rough idea when Genesis Volume 2 will be released? Was the footage for volumes 1, 2, and 3 all shot at the same time?

    2. Can we look forward to more Theory11 decks printed on the new press at USPCC? Any plans to release colored decks?

    3. Smoke is amazing. Would you consider putting out a DVD exploring different effects that can be achieved via use of the smoke gimmick? I'm sure there would be many people interested.
  20. What are the future plans of T11 in the next 5 years to come?
    What is the most purchased product on the T11 website?
    In the future, will there be an regular/daily online web chat/web cam service provided by T11?

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