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Jun 2, 2008
Dallas, Texas
1) What did you feel was the biggest challenge in revamping the site and releasing a new set of products?
2) I like how the new features and products were released at the same time. Any more "bundles" like this to come in the future?
3) What is one characteristic that you would say all of the new features/products have?


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Sep 13, 2008
1) Are you trying to push Theory11 further from the 'underground epicenter' idea with the new layout?

2) Who came up with the riddles that were used in the Cerca Trova?

3) Who delivered the package to Casey?


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Jun 5, 2009
Charleston, SC
1. How was SMOKE picked up? Like did Alan come to you guys or did you guys go to Alan?
2. What inspired the new redesign? Why the new look?

and most importantly.....

Jan 19, 2008
1. Any details on the new Matieu Bich or DM project supposed to come out this year?
2. How long have you had the Sentinels in the T11 warehouse before releasing them to the public?
May 31, 2008
This is cool, I'm David, long-time listener, first-time caller, anyway:

1. Is the new design an attempt to make theory11 more accessible-feeling to newcomers and less "underground?"
2. Will The Wire ever see the light-of-day, or even a link to a "under-development" page for that matter?
3. Did one person come up with the new design of the site, or was it a group effort?

James Wise Magic

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Dec 28, 2007
Question 1: Will there be a levitation effect released anytime soon?

Question 2: What made you guys feel like you needed to change the site completley?

Question 3: What happend to The Wire and is it going to come back?
May 3, 2008
Whats the difference between Smoke and Schmoke? And Colorblind in comparison to An Extraordinary Exhibition of Seeing with the Fingertips?
Aug 19, 2009
1. What made you decide to use a smoother finish on the Sentinels?
2. Where is the Sentinel tuck box paper imported from?
3. In the cetra trova hunt there were images that looked like a new coin DvD from Chris Kenner. Can you give any details as to what that project is?
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1. Have you guys ever considered doing a major joint project? For example you have done a thing called "Five" in the past and that was done by Daniel Garcia and Marcus Eddie. Why not do a joint project with even more magicians such as Dan White, Daniel Garcia, Wayne Houchin, Andrei Jikh, Chris Kenner, ect. Maybe something similar to Daniel Garcia's Projects, but with more then one magician as a whole. Theory11 Projects as a whole unit (all theory11 magicians or more then one). Ever thought of doing that?

2. How do you guys intend to build more uniqueness for the magic community? You guys first came out with immense hype from your first two releases "Panic" and "Digital Dissolve". How do you guys want to approach the magic community this year?

3. Speaking directly toward Jonathan Bayme. Do you create magic effects? I remember seeing you long ago with "Ellusionist" performing "Superman Coin Bend" and i have never actually seen much other than that. Are you going to release any magic effects? (hope that wasn't to direct)

Well I hope you guys get around to my questions because I'm very interested in what you have to say =].

Thanks For Your Time,

Bernardo Rodriguez
May 17, 2009
United Kingdom
1) How did the design for the sentinels come about and what was the inspiration for them?
2) What is happening concerning the wire as it has vanished from the site?
3) Although there has been so much released recently what is theory 11 going to hit the magic community with next? What are the projects in the works?
Peace, Josh.
Sep 1, 2007
1. Why did you update the site?

2. How does one go about creating a deck of cards? Artwork, working with the USPCC, etc.

3. How long did it take you to complete everything? The new dvds, the deck, the site.


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Aug 14, 2010
1) As Theory11 has just released its new site and prepares for future endeavors, do you feel that DVDs will become less and less popular due to instant downloads or remain more or less the same?

2) Was the merge between the former, colossal "Tricks" section and the revolutionary "1-on-1" section made to demonstrate equality between both categories of effects as well as to quiet any misleading judgments by customers because of price?

3) Let's say a DVD will be released this November, when would this imaginary project have been finished as far as things such as shooting, editing, and cover art?


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Jul 24, 2010
1.Is it a coincidence that the new t11 logo in the videos and the logo of EA games have a lot of similarities or was it really inspired from the logo of EA games?
2.Will there ever be any discounts available for customers from developing countries such as Pakistan who cant afford to buy even a single deck?
3.In one sentence, how would you attract a beginner to T11, who hasnt yet decided which website to use for learning magic?
Feb 20, 2010
1. What made you guys re-design the T11 site?

2. How did Mr. Alan Rorrison approach you guys for a dvd?

3. Are "colorblind" and "An extraordinary exhibition of seeing with the fingertips" the same thing? cause it looks like it.

~Cheers, Ian.:D
1. First and foremost, are you happy with how Theory11 has evolved and grown in the past three years?
2. A direct one to JB, are you happy with the choice of founding T11 and leaving performing on the sideline?
3. All of the theory11 staff, how would you put everything that has happened in the past 3 years in to one sentence?


Btw. This is my first Contest i've entered that isn't a 24-hour one. I've been here since day one and i've never woken up at the right time, now that i spend much of my time in the city until 5 am, it's fun to actually be here.

Joseph C

When did you find out about Q1, and did you say "Well, whaddaya know?...."
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