Saturday Night Contest - Always in Control

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  1. I used a crimp and my handling is pretty hard to do in my opinion.
  2. Wow, what a coincidence.
  3. Definitely :D . If not - greatest control ever...
  4. [video][/video]

    Hope you like. as I understood, we have to post not the cool control but the sequence of them :D . However, if I got something wrong I will post second video.
  5. My second entry. Came up with the new (for me personally) method which is not polished at all now... No crimps, normal deck, signed card, etc... Good luck everyone. Hope I can post 2 videos. [video][/video]
  6. I'm glad I've fooled you. That was the point of my video but I assure you I used no duplicate. I was thinking of posting the method to this control on the wire but it really only works in the context of this demonstration.
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  8. Here is my video again. I'm sorry but on my first post i forgot to show the cards all different so here it is the control showing the cards all different. Sorry again fopr the double post.

  9. Its awesome

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