Saturday Night Contest - Always in Control

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  1. thanks guys, i litereally just started working this last wednesday after watching Slydini'd helicopter card seems like it could turn into something though.
  2. we have competition tonight
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  4. There are a ton of seriously good entries this week guys! Awesome job everyone. I'm gonna have to think outside the box on this one..
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    saw the aristocrats and thought "why the hell not."

    good luck to all :)

    edit: i'd like to add on that there were no crimps, and the deck can be shuffled by the spectator to their heart's desire.
  6. My entry

    Here's my entry:

    I hope it meets the rules/specifications for this contest.

    By the way, this control is more of the cards are really mixed (the spectator can even do some of the mixing/shuffling if he/she wants to) rather than I am not doing anything except pushing the card into the pack.
  7. In the process of coming up with the routine, i think i created a new move!! im so excited, i hope i win. sorry for the sloppy shuffles, theyre there to fool you!!
  8. By the way, should it be more about magic or gambling? Invisible control or sequence of shuffles and cuts? Or both are alright?
  9. can you enter more than once?

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