Saturday Night Contest - APOLLO ROBBINS : Roundtable

Apr 15, 2009
New Jersey
What books/DVDs do you recommend for someone wanting to start pickpocketing?

How long have you been doing your style of magic/entertainment?

What inspired you to start pickpocketing?
Dec 30, 2008
1. What is the greatest barrier you've overcome in your lines of work?

2. Is there one person who stands out in your mind that was extremely hard to pick pocket?

3. Do you like the beach boys?
Sep 13, 2008
What are some resources for getting into pickpocketing you would recommend? Any books, DVD's or other things? Thanks!!
I am sorry in advance if I repeat any questions.

- 1. On average, how many hours a day do you practice?
- 2. Where does your first name, "Apollo", come from? More specifically, how and why was it given to you?
- 3. If you were not allowed to ever pickpocket again, what form of magic (if at all) would you start doing? Cards, coins, etc.



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Feb 26, 2009
Hey Apollo,
First off, I bought the VCR Change and it is a beautiful and deceptive color change so, Thanks..

I know you got into pickpocketing by getting under a magicians wing after the mental floss article said your half brothers were in crime and couldn't participate.. Your method now to me, seems perfected and is expertly executed with the use of misdirection and sleight of hand.. I see you approach spectators to the side to help control their attention..

So my question is how long did it take you to develop the technique of approaching someone by the side and what did you do before you developed that method of control??

Also, what kind of tools , if any, are used by pickpockets to steal wallets and misc. items??

Thank you Apollo,
Jul 8, 2008
Apollo, have you ever been pickpocketed yourself? Also, I love your routine, but what was the inspiration to shift that simple one coin routine into a full extravaganza in which you rob your spectator from their personal belongings/self control lol
Oct 8, 2007
Have you ever regretted get into pickpocketing?

If you could have any job in the world what would it be?
Aug 18, 2008
Have you ever used your skills to actually take something and not return it?
How old were you when you started learning pickpocketing


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Aug 31, 2007
Hey Apollo,
I know my first watch steal sent adrenaline through my veins. So much so that I almost forgot to give it back! Do you remember what happened when you did you first watch steal or pickpocket?
You look very calm when 'working', is there a 'move' you execute that still gives you a rush?
And finally, what is one piece of advice you would want to give to those of us who are practicing our watch steals?


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