Saturday Night Contest - Call Me Out / Ring a Riddle

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Jan 31, 2009.

  1. I missed you. Did you miss me? Last week I had a discussion with you all involving only two answers - yes or no. This week, I pose the questions to you. This week, you tell me the answers.


    Tell me what I'm looking for. Be the first and be the recipient of a special package in the mail this week.

    Most sincerely.

    x {anonymous}

    update :: The winner has been posted. The line has been disconnected. See results here.
  2. First.

    Yeah boi.
  3. no way.....

  4. I dont really undersatnd sry. Can u explain it better?
  5. Ok.... nevermind..... You don't even wanna know what I was just thinking....

  6. Im already on the right track.
  7. MY answer is Danny Garcia.
  8. I missed you to. Whats up with the number up top? That your phone number? I typed it and it says the number is from Nevada. And the title says "call and ring" so is it?
  9. what is the prizee?
  10. Oh my god, I think I figured it out.... but I don't wanna do it....
  11. It has the right amount of numbers....

    Someone call it.

    EDIT: Like your username. 7 up yours....
  12. it's a phone number in henderson nevada. it's a landline.
  13. You are want to call someone in California.
    You want to call Dan and Dave maybe?
  14. I called, but got nothing, maybe it was engaged??
  15. Tumble we wont get anything over here
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    lol when you call it.
  17. what can we do? I DON'T understand
  18. That's not fair then :p
  19. S. Nevada: Clark County, incl Las Vegas

    ^^ from an area code finder. The headquarters is in LV.... spooky stuffz.

    EDIT: You're looking for the t11 headquarters?
  20. True dat. ( Word Count )

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