Saturday Night Contest - Call Me Out / Ring a Riddle

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Jan 31, 2009.

  1. Saturday! Anonyma-ho Returns! Be There! Be There! BE THERE!
  2. I think I know who it is. muhahahaha
  3. ANONYMOUS = the joker I think.

    -Likes Riddles
    -"Special" package delivery
  4. If that's true I'm glad I didn't win this SNC. lol


  6. i'm going to make this pencil...disappear!

    yeah..everything is pointing to the joker.....Glad I didn't win..
  7. "Now I see the funny side. Now I'm always smiling!" :D:D

    haha, We're all gonna get a DVD on how to make Balloon Giraffes, watch lol. Now we just wait till magicman gets this guys dirty draws with his real name writen on the inside :eek::D.
  8. Paper!
    A ghost!
  9. i have no clue if it's been posted, but a phone call or a phone conversation?
  10. The contest is over, guys. The winner has been announced and everything. :)
  11. I know who you are...

    You're one of the "Nevada Balloon Twisters"
    Your website plays the theme to "Beverly Hills Cop"
    You're also listed on
    Out of Henderson, NV
    You are Jeff Corbally.

    Am I right??
  12. ahhhaha. one of my favorite episodes.
    "You put this in your coffee"

    Joey: "A spoon! Your hand! Your face!" :p

    for those who don't know, you're missing out.
  13. Ohhh yeah, haha. It's been forever since I've seen that's great! :D
  14. That's good stuff. The CW has the last few episodes of the series running at like, 12:00 midnight monday through friday. Then it'll start over from the first episode of the season again. Good stuff.

    "Where are all my pregnacy tests?"
    "... I got bored."

  15. I like how when anything strange or unusual happens, conclusions immediately lead to one person...


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