Saturday Night Contest - Call Me Out / Ring a Riddle

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Jan 31, 2009.

  1. actually I was just kidding in my last post. The real winner is Tally-ho. Just to clear that up for you.
  2. haha, someone told me that there was no emails but i'm surprised how you guys pulled that off.... nice
  3. I can't stop laughing cause I can see like 30 or 50 post on one page (or something like that.). I'm on page nine and that's the first thing I saw! Damn you tally!

    btw, Good stuff Thrall.
  4. seriously I have to change this soon. I'm just having so much fun messing with you guys.
  5. This fun better be worth your life. lo...l (Just to make sure, i'm not really making threats, just joking around is all lol.)
  6. When did you send the e-mail, magicman123-2? I sent mine at roughly 10:55 with the right answer, but not sooner. :)
  7. It's definitely Dan Sperry

    ... maybe.
  8. I'm gonna take a really strong guess here and say... it's someone that likes balloons...
  9. I will be entertained when this person never reveals themselves.
  10. So do I :D
  11. So what was the contest really I was at a party
  12. Really? You missed out man.
    You had to call the number he gave on the first post, which gave you a message, which was a riddle.
    First person to solve the riddle wins basically.
  13. We had to call him for a riddle and send the answer to his e-mail...

    What if magicman doesn't say a damn thing to us? lol
  14. then magicman is a clown...if not hes totally cool
  15. I had the right answer darn lol i wish i sent it in earlier
  16. Gotta have fun once in a while, right? :p

  17. I can't believe people fell for the email thing, haha. :p
  18. Oh wow I just finished reading through this entire thread. So I guess we have to wait another week. The voice on the phone is really creepy. And I hope magicman tells us what he finds. I'd laugh if it was just a big box of yellow balloons. lol
  19. wait wat was the answer to the riddle i was confused

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