Saturday Night Contest - Call Me Out / Ring a Riddle

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Jan 31, 2009.

  1. Seems to me like you're the only one who go the email...perhaps you won?

    Did you reply to the message?
  2. wouldn't it be from Anonymous not xxx.
  3. Gentlemen,

    Good evening. Tonight we received hundreds of submissions with your answers to the riddle posted this evening. Many of you guessed correctly. Many of you guessed incorrectly. For those of you outside of the USA who could not call the number provided, the riddle was also available for listening at this link.

    The riddle said, "I have existed through ages, with no ending to be shown. Though I have my limitations, I can easily be blown away." I checked my email a few moments ago to find out who was the first to submit the correct answer via email. That person was magicman123-2. The answer I was looking for was "a balloon." The significance of this will be learned in time.

    magicman123-2, you will be receiving a special package in the mail this week from me. It will contain some interesting materials and the next clue as to my identity. I encourage you to share your findings.

    Good hunting, and I will speak with you again next week. To briefly clear up some misconceptions... I have sent no emails tonight. I am not the main character from Saw. I am not Robin Williams. And I am not Batman, except in my wildest fantasies. Congratulations to tonight's winner.

    Most sincerely,

    x {anonymous}
  4. Yeah I didn't get that, and I emailed as well...

    For the record, what WAS your answer?
  5. I don't know who the message is from. I did not reply to it, nor do I know what it means.
  6. Out of curiosity JPMagic, what did you say the answer was?
  7. XXX? Been subscribing to some "websites" lately? ;)
  8. Congrats Magicman.
  9. Sweet, he's got a sense of humour
  10. Lol. I said a balloon, a magician, or a layman. Now that the winner has been announced I can only wonder who that email was from.
  11. darn! I thought you had to leave a message on the phone! I thought you said 'you know me as Anon blah blah blah' not 'e-mail me at' so I left the message 'Baloon' after about... 2 minutes from the original post. congrats magic!
  12. Simple really does fool the magician.
  13. astonishment, amazement...cmon..a balloon? thats what we all thought of but thought that it wouldnt be the answer since its so abvious
  14. Nice, congrats! :)
  15. Dane Cook?
  16. Well, I guess this thing is gonna go for another week. Atleast we know that there's no more work till the package arrives.
  17. Simple fools the magician, though I hate to admit it.

    That's like the new catch phrase around here
  18. Then why did some people get emails????
  19. Ok so all this and we still don't know who he is?

    This also means next week's SNC will not take any magic-skill :(

    Bit disappointed.

    What does everyone else think?
  20. To clear that up, I was bored. I received no e-mail. Other members were good sports and realized and played along ;)


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