Saturday Night Contest - Call Me Out / Ring a Riddle

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Jan 31, 2009.

  1. it's dan sperry. he is a magician from nevada.
  2. You want to perform a mind reading trick with mobile.??
  3. There were 2 guys in the video, how about these guys? :D
  4. Two guys.

    Penn and Teller?
    Sigfried and Roy?
    Andrei and.... Blitzkrieg?
  5. Im not sure but i dont want to do it if im wrong ill look mad stupid.
  6. The answer!
  7. Area Code 702
    Area Code 702 is designated as Nevada (almost all of Clark County, including all of the Las Vegas Valley, including Henderson and Boulder City)

    Exchange 702-944
    Exchange 702-944 appears to be located in Henderson, NV. (Clark County, Zipcode 89014)
  8. i already checked them out, they dont fit. plus dan sperry is more known for his magic than his manipulation and flourishes.
  9. Henderson, NV?
  10. The number definitely works. I got a number and I heard the recorded message. Call it.
  11. you want a call?
    Dan Sperrys phone number: 1-800-830-6417
    free line :)
  12. i really am confused but i will try calling
  13. that voice is CREEPY.
  14. For those of you outside of the USA. For those of you without a phone. For those of you who cannot connect. Where there is a will, there is a way.

    x {anonymous}
  15. The answer to the riddle is a balloon.
  16. Dan sperry
    but wait, the guy in the vid didnt look like dan...
    but the dog did so yeah...its sperry
  17. You need to enunciate better! Just kidding.
  18. Are you saying to use skype???
  19. Gotcha!!! Thanks so much!!
  20. The answer is: away

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