Saturday Night Contest - Call Me Out / Ring a Riddle

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Jan 31, 2009.

  1. ...actually, that was a lot better than my guess....

    ...funnier too! :)
  2. is there REALLY a riddle that some of you received by email? Because I'm a bit confused here.
  3. Awww, thank you lol. It's been around for ages, you can't see it (unless it's wet), it's easily blown away, it has it's limitations to the area around you (unless you're really good) I thought it kind fit haha.
  4. Would Germs work?
  5. Mel Gibson?
  6. If it was, i'd be right about belief lol.
  7. Haha.

    Hope this ends at 11:00, cause I am so tired after today's restaurant work.

  8. Religion-o-rama

    (i added "o-rama" because of word count.)
  9. How about "hair"?
  10. You think it's belief too? high-five.
  11. If he comes back and says that "fart" was right, i'll laugh my @$$ off and chase it around my room. HA!
  12. Oh yeah, *High Fives McSqueeb*
  13. id get so pissed if it was something totally unrelated and doesnt make sense
  14. TheBlack&WhiteIllusionist.... did you just say you'll chase a fart around your room? o_O
  15. So when does this finish??
    If it's at 11, is that in like 7 minutes?
  16. will be awaitin
  17. I said i'd laugh my butt off and chase it around my room. It being said butt. But I really don't wanna turn this thread into something about butts like I did the last one. The last time butts were exploding. I'd like to turn everyones attention to the clock however. It is now six minutes and counting. *farts* Excuse me...
  18. still waiting
  19. Oh, ok. good. I think. well, better than chasing farts. Anyway...

    3 minutes til 11

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