Saturday Night Contest - Capture the Cards

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Casey Rudd, Sep 8, 2012.

  1. @CardzTrickster1:

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  2. Maria Stoyanova

    Enjoy : )
  3. Srry to say but it dosnt work Cardtrickster1
  4. Red Jaqk.jpg monarchs.jpg deck one.jpg Hi guys here are my three entries. Unfortunately I don't have an iphone so I just posted the links here. I SWEAR ON MY LIFE IN MAGIC THAT I DID NOT USE ANY FILTERING. I hope that this entry counts.
  5. so I don't want this to influence anyone's decision, but it;s actually my 21st birthday today, so if I won it would be an absolutely awesome birthday present from Theory 11 :)

    Here are my three entries -

    Sentinels with a custom design I made for the 4 of spades -

    Monarch back design made with monarchs -

    Lastly, T11 (Theory 11) display made with monarchs -

    Good luck to everyone, theres some great pictures here :)

  6. Happy Birthday :D

    Great Entries
  7. Been some time since I did one of these. I've just recently been getting back to magic - I'm starting slow, rereading Mastering the Art of Magic by Eugene Burger, as well as spending time reflecting on how I can grow my magic from what it used to be to something more substantial. Something a little more elegant and wonderful. I thought it would be appropriate if my entries expressed this.




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