Saturday Night Contest - Capture the Cards

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  1. Here are my 3 entries.

    The time 11 o'clock on the pocket watch is no accident of course, or the second hand pointing at 5~


    Do not fear, JAQK-Man is here?

    (hiding the chopstick behind Iron-Man holding him up and getting the right angle to cover it was a hell-of-a-task!)
    (also some of you may have seen a similar picture to number 3, I did something similar before and T11 retweeted my pic :)! So just so you know it's not plagiarised xD)
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    I tried to keep mines simple. Incase you didn't get the hint, I, LOVE. THEORY11. MONARCHS. If I win I will personally do 10 muscle ups and share it on this thread for your viewing pleasure as a celebration! - Bottoms up! Love. Theory11. Monarchs! - Love. Theory11. Monarchs.

    Thank you!

    (Twitter name g3lo18).

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