Saturday Night Contest - Create a Flourish!

Oh gosh, I was browsing youtube and I just discovered that my first entry turned out to be a move by dan and dave (vertigo)... Such a shame. For months I thought I created a move, turns out it's not original. I would like to formally apologize to Dan & Dave. Could a moderator please delete that for me?

EDIT: I'm confused, the grip in Vertigo looks different from what I did. But the effect is pretty much the same. I guess I could call it a Vertigo variation but since the effect is the same, it's no longer original.
Apr 12, 2016
I decided to climb up on the roof and practice this during my break at work and it started looking a little cleaner so I filmed it and then repeated the jumping off the roof stunt from "Now You See Me" and vanished because... magic
So once again, this is my original false cut created yesterday, "Insomnia."
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