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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Casey Rudd, Feb 8, 2020.

  1. Alright guys time is up! Thanks to everyone for participating this week. We will be posting results tomorrow. See you guys soon with the results!
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  2. Good luck everyone!!
  3. Loved what everyone did! Best of luck!
  4. Congrats Luis! We have chosen your entry as the winner for this week's contest because we felt that it was the most outside the box, and a great use of creativity and plot. Great handling and execution, and left the biggest impression on us. Please send your info to our support team so we can get your prize out to you ASAP!

    Huge honorable mentions to Nikolay Karagyozov, Kaan Akdogan, and Clfphilly for their entries as they made this one a close one to judge! Fantastic effects; we really enjoyed them!

    See you all on Saturday for a new lovely contest!
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  5. Congratulations Luis Vega! Good Job Nikolay ,Kaan, and Clfphilly.
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  7. I just looove how you guys set rules to create a trick and then choose somebody who has simply performed a trick that already exists. 85% of the tricks posted this week were not created.

    I think it's unfair to the 3 people who actually forced themselves to create something new.

    Yup... Really impressed
  8. The odds of creating a trick that hasn't EVER been done before by anybody is extraordinarily slim, all we ask is that the individual come up with something on their own. They might not know it has been done before, or it could be a variation on a trick that already exists. We don't expect everyone to know the entire history of magic that's ever been created. That's just simply impossible.

    We also look for things that are outside the box, that we don't normally see. When we see a live fish being produced from a drawing, we consider that to be outside the box compared to a card trick. We want people to step out of their comfort zone with these contests, and help get their creativity flowing. Sometimes you can get some amazing inspiration when you're thinking about an effect that doesn't involve what you normally use.

    With that said, we always welcome feedback for these contests, and we understand not everyone is going to be happy with the results. It's impossible to please everyone. These challenges can be difficult, as it is hard to create something in a short amount of time.

    We also ask that the people that enter these contests to be respectful of the judges' time when reviewing submissions. It certainly does not leave a good impression on us when a troll submission is posted, especially when its length is the longest of any submission at near 5 minutes, only to realize it wasn't a legitimate submission. We ask that all participants take the contests seriously.
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  9. upload_2020-2-10_21-59-4.gif
  10. Awesome!! thank you very much!! I am glad you enjoy the trick!!

    Of course I will contact the support team and thanks again for an amazing contest... have a great week everyone!!
  11. You too Luis!!
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  12. Wasnt meant as a troll submission, was stated in post that it is for hecklers or even a finalee to walk off stage. it goes by the style of magic i do wich is a freak show-magic act. instead of pretending to reads people minds with the whole placing my hands on their forehead or looking deeply in their eyes, i instead get spectators to slap me in the face (really hard) and say ''only the jack of spades could hit like that '' as a reveal.

    i guess you've never seen something like that trick wich does make it outside the box and is completly original... i beleive you have misjudged its value and reason for being... prejudice.
    all i ask is when you guys set rules, please be specific about them. you say CREATE a trick... i create a trick, from scratch. effect and method.

    it also gives the magicians here something to use for their own good if they feel the need to do something of this sort.
    sorry you considered it a troll post, it was done with humour both for you guys, and will probably be used in my future presentations as humour to the rest of the audience watching this being performed.... but please be SPECIFIC next time.
    i wont spend next contest pacing my mind as to what to invent. and yes as magicians CREATING a NEW trick.... you are supposed to know the history of magic, that is part of a creative process to find out if what you are doing is original.
    people create new tricks all the time, you cant sell a trick that belongs to someone already tho can you? unless its older than so many years and has no copyright on it anymore. just like music, artist write NEW songs every day, and if they havent checked music history, and they copy someone elses song , they are gonna get sued.

    contest should have read ''DO a magic trick outside the box'' not create.
  13. and the main reason people are doing card tricks is because we dont have millions of dollars to spend on stage sets and , insane props and to hire magic consultants when doing these
  14. @Casey Rudd Very dissapointing results. Nothing original about that submission. It is a very well known effect, usually done with a bill. just exchanging that with a drawing has no value at all. same effect, same method.
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  15. Omg people. He won, you all lost. You don't like it, go elsewhere. The rules were followed. I've lost way more than I've won. It's supposed to be fun, challenging and exciting. Which it is.
    Congratulations to the winner, I loved the trick!!
  16. I getcha man, but nothing in magic can be created it’s been 2020 years since the birth of Christ AT SOME POINT someone has had an extremely similar thought to every thought we’ve ever had. In fact as much as I liked your submission, I hate to tell you the “zoo joke” plot has been around before any of us were born. The idea to trick your spectator into thinking you are doing a magic trick and then just “give ‘em a bird”. My favorite being:
    Probably the most famous being:

    And like I said I thought yours was pretty good, but imo the only thing you really added was length of the trick. And one of the Crimea was lasting impact and typically the longer the trick the more forgettable.
    I encourage you to please keep trying, Winning an SNC is such a great accomplishment, but you HAVE TO trust the judges they are professional magicians I think they know more about magic than everyone else who entered combined. GOOD LUCK!
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  17. Of course they're prejudiced. Jurors have to be prejudiced, otherwise they wouldn't be able to declare a winner in any contest. Everything is beautiful, funny, magical from some point of view.
    The judges have to decide which entry they find best based on:
    a) certain objective criteria
    b) their own subjective sense of which of the valid entries (defined by the objective criteria) is most beautiful, funniest, most magical, most fitting in this particular circumstance.
    This subjectiveness is the reason there are always multiple jurors: So that a consensus can be reached.

    So you see that a juror cannot be not-prejudiced in order to be able to judge. What he must be however, is impartial: He cannot choose one person over another simply because he likes this person better. And in this regard I believe that Casey and his co-jurors do a tremendous job and don't let their personal feelings about a person dictate their decisions.

    When doing a trick at the SNC (or anywhere else), you have to ask yourself: Is it fitting for this purpose?
    There used to be a time limit for submissions, and this is part of the reason why: It may fit your show, but it doesn't carry well on video, whether this be because we don't have the context of your show or because personality doesn't come across well on video. It's especially unfitting in the context of other magicians wanting to see what great and astonishing things other people have come up with, then sitting through nearly five minutes of instructions, to see a deck flung at a woman.
    So to search for the faults only in the jurors is, to say the least, pointless. If you choose to learn from this experience, you have learned the very valuable lesson that you should carefully select which tricks you perform at which occasion.

    At this point we partially agree: Yes, the rules could have been clearer, and it's commendable that you tried to create something completely from scratch.
    I believe that what Casey meant (please correct me if I'm wrong, Casey) was that you should create something you didn't know existed. As Casey already pointed out, there is nothing new under the sun; just about everything has been created before (in fact, I'd be almost prepared to bet that somebody has already used your idea in the past as well). And he's right, you can't know the complete history of magic by art. They say that there's more books written on magic than on any other topic. Whether that's true or not, it's impossible to know all tricks by heart, and even sites like Conjuring Archive can only help you so far.

    However, this argument is pretty irrelevant: The SNC isn't anything we are owed, but a service that Casey and his people give to us. Don't get me wrong, I'd be as disappointed as the next person if the contest got cancelled, but we've got to trust them to run it the way they intended to.

    That all said, congratulations to @Luis Vega, I really enjoyed watching your trick! And thank you @Casey Rudd for giving us this fun contest week for week!
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  18. Thanks, Rusty, I hadn't seen your reply when I wrote that. And thank you also for reminding me to be a bit more positive:
    @MickaelD I'm sorry if the above post came across as too harsh. To echo what Rusty said: Good luck with the contests in the future!
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  19. Congratulations @Luis Vega!
    Btw @Casey Rudd can entered videos (in future SNC's) be unlisted?

    @010rusty , I have my exams (the national kind) coming up and after a day I've spent learning up about Refraction for high school Physics, can I just say the way you melted my brain with that the first time was NOT FUNNY!
    (Btw, amazing and fun, not two words I use often with magic now-a-days tbh XD)

    Well, all of them use the notes "Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti'' at least *somewhere* in their songs, so it's not 100% original.
    And you did the unthinkable in the video, Sir. You actually spoke English. And used Bicycle cards. And made your volunteer choose a card. And show it to the camera. AND YOU EVEN USED A CUSS-WORD that my honorable self uses.

    NOTHING you did was a 100% absolutely-no frills-definitely-purely-supremely original.

    PS:- Jokes apart, yeah man. Nothing is new under the sun (usually). But your performance style as you mentioned seems pretty interesting dude! :)
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  20. Yes, every Snc entry I’ve used for 3 years were unlisted YouTube links

    Well I really appreciate that, very happy I can make someone genuinely entertained
    But I feel you my AP Bio exam is coming up and it’s cramming time!
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