Saturday Night Contest : David Blaine Edition

Dec 4, 2007
Entry 2

David Blaines next stunt is the hardest to date. David will attempt to carry on a conversation with a spectator with not only inflection iin his words but also occasionally changing tone and sounding dififerent

ps, love your work david not meant as rude, you are a great magician and performer please dont make me disappear

Heh, that was gonna be #2 for me. Time for me to think again!




Mar 22, 2008
1.) David Blaine must dress up as a underprivileged foreign child, and NOT get adopted by Anjolina Jolie and Brad Pitt.
Sep 2, 2007
i for one would like to see him predict the winner of the next superbowl. seriously i need some money... thats not much of a stunt though, so i would like to see him make the prediction while walking over hot coals, drinking a slurpie thru one of those helmets people wear in stadiums and beat me in playing rock paper sissors.
Jan 15, 2008
in the royal court
1. David blaine beating the world record of disarming the most women braws in a minute, except.... they will be on men!!!!
2.david blain pulling the highest number of underwear of a random public in an hour ( current record se by caruso : 1, due to being beat severly after pulling subjects underwear down)
3.David blaine attempting to beat the world record, saying 233 toungue twister in a row unrehearsed with one breath in less than 16 minutes...
Oct 19, 2007
good luck to every one but heres my 3

1. David blaine trys to not kill himself for 3 years!!

2. David Blaine trys to keep Paris Hilton from saying " THATS HOT" for more than 2 hours!!While feeding a spider monkey with his feet!!
ps. his doctors say talking to Pairs is brain damaging!!!

3. David Blaine must come out of the closet!!
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Nov 17, 2007
Submission 1:

This stunt will last 30 days:

Balance a deck of cards on his head while standing on 1 foot on top of a 200 feet tall nail covered in ice while holding his breath and eating the ice cream Wayne was standing on and will be dodging 700 bullets launched at him at random times, cure world hunger and possibly cancer, incinerate all magic exposing jerks, perform an endless tornado cut (at least sixteen billion rotations) while making his toes perform Kryptonite, spin in circles, and freeze time, while teaching the theory of relativity to a group of infants, and do jumping jacks, while trimming Dana’s toenails, and finally will be unable to make his “Blaine Smirk” at ANYONE.

These are the instructions for day 1.
Sep 1, 2007
1.David Blaine, locked in 'wedding gown shop'* for 7 days whilst drinking/eating nothing but laxative.

2. Insert Chris Kenners apartment for *
Jan 29, 2008
not in cannada rofl
1. he must make the MOST LAME BLOG online!!
2. he must post the most creative, funniest, and original SNC entry
3.he must disguise him self EMO-like like chris angel and use more stooges than him while making everyone fall that he is craig angelo!!!
Aug 31, 2007
Long Island/New York
Tonight, David Blaine will do the impossible!

1)" David Blaine will attempt to have a personality"
Includes being happy,laughing, smiling, crying, grumpy, bashful, and sneezey.
Sep 2, 2007
1. Attempting to make the world's longest card trick

2. Attempting to see how long david Blaine can go without trying to break the world record for holding your breath under water

3.Attempting to be the only magician in the world who doesn't porperly introduce himself to his audience
Sep 2, 2007
1) David Blaine must attempt to not wash in any shape or form for one week. This includes showers, baths, teeth brushing and other sanitary actions one normally peforms. During this period Blaine must see how many womens phone numbers he can aquire, and whether he can beat a "clean" Daniel Garcia's attempt.

2) Blaine must sit on a schoolbus for 2 weeks as it goes about its daily business. He may only eat and drink what he catches with his hands, and what he finds in the bus.

3) Blaine must attempt to lick his own elbow, continuously without food water or sleep until he is able to do so. This will be peformed in Time Square and have a 24 hour TV channel dedicated to this feat.
Sep 1, 2007
David Blaine must go to the bathroom in Penn Station at rush hour and pee in the urinal DIRECTLY next to the scariest man he sees, in an effort to get him to stop and watch a trick before he misses his train.
David Blaine's next stunt..
.. will be to avoid the execution of, planning of, heck, even thinking of performing anything even remotely stunt-esque
for the next 10 years.
ohhh. he's gonna have a hard time pulling that off.

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