Saturday Night Contest : David Blaine Edition

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  1. 2. Well we all know he is staying awake for like a week, so the challenge

    Watch all of his TV specials while eating 1 no 2 no 22 BIG MAC'S!! and not gain 1 pound...or crazy.
  2. David Blaines next stunt should be this :

    David travels Coach all the way to Roanoke Va. ... He comes to my house wakes up at 5:30 a.m. Drives to work , works a real job for 10 hours.... Comes home , helps 5 boys all under the age of 13 with thier homework , Does some household chores , pays some bills .... AND THE KICKER!?!?!?!?!? Try to stay up past 10 P.M.

    I would be impressed .....:D
  3. 3. David Blaine's next stunt::: David Blaine's next stunt will be to Sit in a locked room with John Madden while he states the obvious over and over again. For 30 days broad casted live on NBC. Tune in to watch this epic extreme endurance event.
  4. Entry 3

    David's Blaine most difficult stunt to date, an endeavor like none other. This summer, David Blaine will teach RANDALL every single trick he knows until Randall can perform them flawlessly without and wands or balls while simultaneosly figuring out what exactly flew into Danny Garcia's eye in control, make sure your there
  5. Must stand in line at the DMV for 3 days...

    (Just got back from the DMV, it felt like three days....

    Must watch paint dry for 10 hours, without blinking. :|

    Must listen to a Cher CD for 24 hours straight.

    I would be afraid....

  6. David Blain attempting to get a quarter of of a crocadile's mouth. That was David's last stunt.:(
  7. This is Arissa Beck reporting from CNN news, today David Blaine has publicly confirmed his next big stunt.

    Magician Blaine reports that in his next TV special, airing June Second on NBC, he will attempt to dive into a 95 degree pool, filled with his own feces.
    When we asked the Dare-Devil magician why he would choose to swim in his own bowel excrements, Blaine countered, "Why not? When I see other "Stunts-men" do something dangerous, I want to cringe, and feel they're pain. When I see a guy shove a sword down his throat, I think, Who cares? But when I see someone swim in there own doody, man, I get goosebumps"

    Blaine will attempt to stay afloat in the mess for a long and gruesome 27 days. He will not be fed for the entire length of the stunt, but if he chooses to, he will be allowed to "recycle".

    This is Arissa Beck, for CNN news.

    That's Entry number 1!!!
  8. i really have to give u props for this it made me laugh and wonder if he could really do it
  9. LAst one

    Daivd Blaine attempting to speak normal.
  10. he will have to shave his beard and suck wayne's toes , and stare at a baby until he makes him cry
  11. I...think I threw up...

    Nice job, Zac!

  12. David blain will be trapped in a laundry basket (His doctor says the limited amount of holes in it will harm his breath, and the smell of the laundry will too.) for 90 days, with no food except flat soda and completaly stale marshmellows. While in this basket there will be 50 heaters surounding him. Even more, he will be forced to be on the phone with his girlfriend and read YOUTUBE COMMENTS!
  13. 1. Uh, David Blaine will attempt to...uh... not crap for 10 years while chugging down MiraLAX laxitive by the container.
    2. He will try to sit on the couch. Yeah I know, that's freaking hard. HARD!!!!!!!!!!!
    3. DB will attempt to look at Dana's face and not puke because HER face is so ugly.
  14. Thanks man, i appreciate it.

    I had fun writing it, haha
  15. dang i wish i had 1 left!! i have such a good one
  16. 2) David Blaine must stare at Dana for 7 hours straight without laughing at his name.
  17. You all can go to hell. You're banned magicman123-2. Twice :)

  18. Blaine will attempt to stay sane for 8 days, while Jonathon Bayme tickles his toes and repeatedly sings "The Itsy Bitsy Spider".

    Thats entry 2!

  19. Don't listen to what they say, i still think your pretty.
  20. #1 Next, David Blaine will divide by zero and will escape unscathed.

    #2 Watch as David Blaine finds the cure for cancer, with help from special guest Chuck Norris.

    #3 On the next special, David Blaine will attempt an endurance test never done before. He will perform the Jackson 5 using only a spoon, a piece of gum and a paperclip. Take that MacGyver.

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