Saturday Night Contest : David Blaine Edition

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  1. 2. David Blaine will attempt to drink a glass of water....While patting his head and rubbing his tummy.
  2. you've been a bad little girl!! go to your room! :mad: Just kidding Dana, please don't ban me :D
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    Dana Hocking is the best person ever in history. Seriously. I think that.
  4. i meant "any wands or balls" haha
  5. You're banned thrice zachmonky.

  6. He will be forced to sit here and read all these suggestions, and then pick the best one. Best of luck to you, man! God knows you'll need it.
  7. haha yay at least i advoided the banning. lol
  8. wait what does the winner get?
  9. 1) Hi guys I'm David Blaine and for my next stunt I'm going to stare at the camera for a fortnight without moving one facial muscle, I will have special cameras rigged up to my face which will record any movement I make.

    2) What's up guys I'm David Blaine and for my next stunt I'm going to stand... On my own head... YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! *Don't Get Fooled Again - The Who*

    3) What's up guys I'm David Blaine and for my next stunt I'm just going to stand here and you're all going to be entertained. *Jedi Mind Control*

    - Sean
  10. Thanks for the compliment ThrallMind. It's great that you would say that about me. And it's true as well.

  11. Dana i respect u for who U are not ur name and i appreciate what u do for theory11:):D:)

  12. I think she's awesome too.
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    David Blaine's next stunt will be his most controversial stunt to date. David Blaine will wear a suit constructed entirely out of Smurfs. The suit will be blue... because of the Smurfs, which are blue. The decision about whether or not the Smurfs used for the suit are real or not is undecided at this time. When a reporter asked David Blaine about his next stunt, David Blaine replied, "It's going to be smurfin' amazing."
    David Blaine will be completely covered save for his eyes. What will David Blaine be doing in the Smurf suit you ask? He will spend a week in any square mile of the world (ocean and lakes excluded and the location must be occupied by people) chosen by a random person on the street. David will hide in parts of this location and jump out at people as they pass by and he will scream at them and run off. David hopes to create a local legend of the "Smurfman" among the people of the chosen location.

    Doctor's tell David that because he will not be bathing for a week, he will begin to smell during the last few days. This smell could give off his hiding places and if the people know someone is going to scare them... they may decide to "kick the crap out of David Blaine." One Doctor stated in a recent interview relative to this stunt that, "this would be dangerous to David's health. It's not the Smurf suit that will endanger his health, it is the people who kick the crap out of him... David is one crazy motherf---."

    There you have it.
  14. 1. David Blaine will have to ride two bicycles from new york to las vegas while balancing a deck of cards on his head.
  15. 2. David Blaine will dance disco music for 5 days straight.
  16. I disagree Dana.

    I happen to be the best person in history.

  17. David Blaine must live with a 13 year old for 1 year and every time he farts he may not call safety and must run to the neighbors house to touch there doorknob.
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    David Blaine will have a week to train with the best masters in the world, and after 7 days he must have a ninja fight to the death with daniel garcia.
  19. 3. David Blaine will stand on his head for a week without moving.
  20. 3.David will design a Couture Dress out of cards in (3 Hours) while standing on Chocolate Chip Cookies.He will also have to model it down the Catwalk at Newyork Fashion Week.

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