Saturday Night Contest : David Blaine Edition

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Apr 26, 2008.

  1. David Blaine must watch an entire season of 'Doctor Quinn Medicine Woman'

    (paramedics will stand by)
  2. Edit: NVM the prize is in the original post!
  3. It's six lion decks. Better than wynns if you ask me.
  4. #2,

    David Blane will perform his ultimate endurance test. He will re-perform all his stunts while going backwards in time. This way, he will perform all his previous stunts --- BACKWARDS.

    For example, he will entire the ice block shivering and unhealthy - coming out of it fresh and in perfect health.

    He will start the first stunt next week and finish it by yesterday.
  5. Number 1:

    Drink 10 cups of coffee everyday for 2 months then perform magic tricks.
  6. It's a fact even ... Google it ... " Dana Hocking , Greatest person ever"
  7. 1. "i david blaine will get a prince albert and hang from it for four days over time square"
  8. Can it be a video?

    EDIT: I guess so.
  9. "In his next stunt, David Blaine will attempt to get out of a locked car, WITHOUT A KEY!

    "David Blaine's next marvelous feat will be to breathe underwater....blindfolded!"

    "How many seconds can Blaine count to?

    lol thats all from me....
  10. Of course. Otherwise I wouldn't have said it! Wait a minute. Dana, stop spiking my drinks and making me post things!

  11. That wasn;t Dana Thrallmind....It was me. I'm making people FINALLY REALIZE DANA'S AWESOMENESS!
  12. 2"listen watch, i david blaine will soak in a combanation of urine and crackers for six days straight."

  13. Thanks man .... I actually don't think he would get through the flying coach part... If it were I , I would have to drive... But we wouldn't want David to endure too much , now would we... We want the test to be do-able...:D
  14. For David to put on a "Kids Show".
  15. In his toughest stunt yet, David Blaine will teach Criss Angel actual magic! You read right, David is takin away the camera tricks and heading to the street. Will he be able to teach this immature little baby how to do actual magic, or will he fail, letting Criss continue giving magic a bad name? Tune in to oprah, to find out!
  16. 3."I david blaine will try to do a stunt without taking my shirt off, scientists and medical professionals agree that this could be harm full to my body, i say people have to get over there fears some time. I lived in a huge fish bowl, stood on thing for a really long time but this will be by far the hardest."
  17. I think you just crossed the line... That is mean...
  18. David Blaine is going to add a color to the Rainbow!


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