Saturday Night Contest : David Blaine Edition

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Apr 26, 2008.

  1. Wow TRUNDY, like Chuck Norris quotes much... ;P

  2. Entry 3:

    In the stunt which medical experts say will be his last, David Blaine will attempt to put on as much eye-liner as Wayne Houchin. Will he go ahead with the stunt, and risk the extra weight crushing his skull, or will he only mimic Wayne by ending up with cold feet?


  3. Nope .... LOVE EM!!! they make me giggle like a lil Dana Hocking...
  4. Entry 2:

    David is about to achieve the impossible. The stunt he is about to attempt is not only that of a physical and mental nature. It is a stunt of extreme social nature.
    David will be airlifted to Antarctica where he will take of his clothes and paint himself white and black. He will then attempt to befriend a small tribe of native penguins and teach them card tricks on a weekly basis. Once the tribe of native penguins can successfully perform the Ambitious Card, the 2Card-Monte and 'Here then There' the stunt is complete.

    He must follow the following three rules to accomplish this stunt:

    1. Remain naked at all times.
    2. No human language allowed.
    3. No visiting Antarctic Research Stations.

  5. David Blaine will attempt to reverse the effects of global warming on the Howard Stern Show while brushing Ba-Ba-Booeys Teeth and Teasing Artie with a Chicken Parm.....:D
  6. conceal yourself in a glass box (with air holes of course) and have a diet of nothing but water and 12 decks of split spades lions. You're only finished when you're done eating the 12 decks.
  7. 1) He will go shopping with my mom and not kill him self. it takes guts to do that. Trust me he won't make even an hour.

    2) He will play pick-aboo with a kid for 2 days non stop. THATS HARD.

    3) He will make my math teacher vanish and never bring her back. (Top request)
  8. Shameless self promotion!

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    Heh, FatalAce, nice entry! Had me on the edge of my seat. I didn't know if David would do it, but then he did! I sure hope he's okay.

  9. In his next death defying stunt, David Blaine will see how long he can go...with Dana Hocking sitting on him. It will prove him to be invincible, if he can endure the infinite weight of the creature we call Dana. Will David make it, or will he be smushed to pieces by the girth of Mr. Hocking? Tune in this Wednesday on Oprah to find out, you won't want to miss this one.
  10. DG

    " David Blaine will Sit in a room with Daniel Garcia and prove he is not a ninja"
  11. David will turn a coca cola into Cheeeeeeeeese Its
  12. 2) David Blaine will attempt to make his beard longer than Criss Angel's.
  13. David will handcuff himself to mike jackson and a little kid
  14. LOL thats great!

    Idk why everyone is making fun of Dana... Its not that funny.
  15. Number 2:

    Sing ''Chocolate Rain'' like Tay Zonday as a intro for a magic trick for a month.

    Chocolate Rain
  16. Entry 1: David Blaine will attempt to stay on the front of a trains head end, travelling from New York to California. He can only be held by the gravity travelling against him and the head end as the train is moving.

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