Saturday Night Contest : David Blaine Edition

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  1. Entry 2: David Blaine will be held by a crane in the middle of Times Square for 3 days. The catch is that the train will be holding him by only his t-shirt.
  2. Entry 3: David Blaine will be attempting to do the impossible. He will not be able to drink, eat or sleep, something that cannot be accomplished by man for as long as he will endeavor. He will attempt to stand on the tip of the Eiffel Tower for a full 48 hours; without food, drinks, or having the ability to sleep. Blaine claims, "I will prove the impossible and that I can overcome facts" (New York Times, Section A, Page 5).

  3. lol! I would love to see that.
  4. First attempt

    David Blaine's next stunt will involve him trying to not laugh while watching Criss angel's early years video!! (available at the T11 media section! =D!!!)
    David will go on Oprah's show April 30th to attempt to beat this irregular feat!. The record is currently 14 seconds held by jay sankey.. (it left him with a Multiple personality disorder!! "Craig angelo").

    on a side note.... he won't be wearing any clothes while he attempts to break the record.!!!
  5. Entry #3:

    " I, David Blaine, will stay in a cave with only one T.V. playing reruns of Walker Texas Ranger and one stero playing Rick Astley's "Never going to give you up" non-stop for 3 months. I might not be able to recover from the damage caused by the Walker Texas Ranger marathon and I also might get RickRoll Syndrome. This damage could be pernament and this may be the last time you hear me refer to myself as David Blaine opposed to Walker Texas Ranger."
  6. 1. David Blaine attempting to jump spontaneously on Oprah's couch!! hmm..sounds familiar.

    2. David attempting to show no emotion.

    3. David Blaine attempting to be as pretty as Dana (AKA NOT POSSIBLE!!...).
  7. Here we go:

    Numero Uno:

    In June, David Blaine will attempt to go one week without doing any ridiculous stunts. As a big two-hour finale, shown exclusively on ABC, Blaine will change the pitch of his voice five microtones.

  8. 1. David Blaine locked in a room with Katie Egleston without talking, looking, nor touching each other.

    2. David Blaine and Chris Kenner riding Kenner's scooter from Las Vegas to Hollywood.

    3. David Blaine drowned alive in a woman's dress.
  9. 1) i david blaine will set a world record. This not a trick but a test of human endurance. The are risks of injury or even death. I david blaine will talk , smile, and show emotion.

    2) I , david blaine will do a magic trick................ with out cards.
  10. 1. David Blaine is going to ATTEMPT a balducci levitation. It took him years to recover from the last time he tried this stunt, as some of you may remember, he began to suffer from abdominal pain. Doctors HAVE advised him to refrain from this, however he has decided to ignore them COMPLETLY! I think i speak for everyone when I say that I really hope he can pull this one off.
  11. 3) David blaine will atempt to smile.
  12. 1: David Blaine will attempt to preform the jackson 5 while drinking a 2 liter bottle of coca-cola and dive bombing into a lake.
  13. 1. ok, i know this sounds crazy, but David Blaine will attempt, to pet a Llama, on it's head, without feeding it a piece of cheese, on the third wednesday o.f March

    2. David Blaine will standing on his head for 36 hours singing Purple Rain, while not saying "Watch", not even once.

    3. They said it was crazy, they said it could not be done, but David Blaine will take the ultimate challenge, he WILL see how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop.
  14. 1.Battle a chimpanzee in flourishing and card magic for a banana smoothie.

    2.Stand on frozen homestyle waffles on one leg while balancing a glass of milk on his head.

    3.Jump in a pool full of flash paper that will suddenly be set on fire.
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    Alright, well I didn't have enough time to do my video and it would have just been deleted again for content, so here goes everything:

    David Blaine will be ./!@__?@?1257**3)^%
  16. I used that already.
  17. 3. David Blaine must perform an Illusion show that, must begin with a skit done to music, and end with a story of his childhood and how his desire to see snow.
  18. Stunt #1 (as announced by David Blaine himself)

    "Since my last stunt I've taken some time off to re-evaluate everything that I've accomplished. There is one thing I have yet to do, and my next stunt is a testament to my aspiration to push the limits of the human body. I David Blaine will attempt speak with emotion for one solid minute. Creating the inflection of my voice will be like nothing you've seen me do. I've been preparing for this task for three years, taking both acting and singing lessons. I will be reading straight from Dr. Seuss' The Cat in the Hat, a personal favorite of mine. I will be sitting in a rocking chair on a porch built in Las Vegas for three weeks prior to the reading. I assure you that no sleight of hand or misdirection is going to be used during this stunt, I will actually be changing the tone of my voice. My vocal coach and the best medical staff in the USA will be available if anything is to go wrong. I thank you in advance for your support, God bless you all."

    Stunt #2 (just released in print)

    "Magician David Blaine has stunned us with his street magic, taken our breath away with his stunts and now he's going to take it one step further! Blaine just released to the media that he is actually going to count the stars in the sky. In a practice run, held in a planetarium, Blaine figures he will be able to finish counting all of the visible stars in just under 30 minutes. To make matters harder he is going to have seven random spectators shouting out random numbers to try and throw him off. He is still debating whether to count blindfolded or to actually expose his eyes to enough UV to cause him to go blind. When asked how the counting will be accomplished, Blaine simply stated, 'Fingers and toes, Jim, fingers and toes.' More information to be released soon."

    Stunt #3 (As advertised)

    "Frozen in time-Check
    Inferno of Fire-Check
    Dizzying leap-Check
    Buried Alive-Check
    What's Next for David Blaine?
    David Blaine:On Ice.
    Similar to being frozen in time, David Blaine will compete in the 2008 Olympics as a figure skater. It has been said this show will be magical. Watch live as David Blaine triple axles and double lifts his way to the Gold. "

    Good Luck everybody. Just a few I thought of.
  19. Submission 3: David will attempt to die and come back to life as a demon who can perform real magic and survive death-defying stunts. Oh wait! He already did! =P
  20. SNC entry

    Entry 2:
    Blaine's newest feat pays homage to historical entertainers (and Ricky Jay), as he introduces to the world the Learned Sewer Rats he has been training since his childhood in NY.

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