Saturday Night Contest : David Blaine Edition

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    Okay, there are two outcomes: either I might get flamed for this or it might have already been said.

    Keep in mind this is all in good fun. :)


    Coming soon ...

    Stunt : Impossible

    Over the course of merely 5 minutes, acclaimed stunt-performer David Blaine will attempt to do the impossible. He will attempt to post a negative review on Ellusionist.

    You don't wanna miss it.


  2. Entry 3:

    'The Ultimate Misdirection'

    For the stunt, David will attempt to hijack an ice cream truck and serve 50 people ice cream of their choice followed by taking an order, leaving the truck, and tapping the waiting patrons on the shoulder saying: 'Sorry I no longer serve ice cream'.
  3. For my next stunt, I will OWN De'vo and the Buck twins.
  4. It wasn't even that funny, so no worries.
  5. Entry 2:

    David Blaine will balance on one foot while playing Guitar Hero with his chin while wearing a gorilla mask and doing charlier cuts in one hand while writing down jokes about Dana being a girl's name in the other. He will do this while being fed watermelon for 4 days straight.


    PS: I was going to film this, but due to lack of time I couldn't. :(
  6. Worthwhile stunt for db...... NOT leave the Oprah set on a stretcher to a hospital! tada!
  7. SNC entry

    Entry 3:

    Having conquered ice, water, the sky, the earth, sleep and food deprivation, David Blaine will attempt his newest challenge. He will attempt to perform Daniel Madison's Change using pure sleight of hand without just throwing the card out of the camera frame.
  8. David Blaine's next stunt will be to go over 17 hours without staring at anyone mysteriously....
  9. Did you seriously just say that?!
  10. David Blaine's next stunt will be to do a handstand on Klondike bars for 7 days. He will not be beaten by Houchin. Ever!

  11. 1) david blane will have his face ductaped to a computer screen with ellusionist pulled up for 10 secconds. if he compleates this he will become the brvvest man on earth.
  12. I'm David Blaine. For the next week, I will live in a glass box. BUT, there's a catch. I will have to watch every Criss Angel Mindfreak Episode ever. Will I survive through that terror? Doctors have told
  13. I'm pretty sure that contest ended at 11:00. xD
  14. 1. split actual spades with his deck
    2. make his face disappear
    3. sleep in a bed of flash paper for 3 days

  15. Ohh... one minute over. :(
  16. I really hope i'm not too late... i just got home

    1. David Blaine will be buried up to his neck with honey on his eyes next to an ant hill that will be set on fire.

    2. David Blaine will attempt to perform a trick without saying "watch" one million times

    3. David Blaine will attempt to shave chuck norris's beard!!!
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    David Blaine remains enclosed inside a vacumn sealed triangle fart chamber for 7 days. Only 1 single tube with a cap is used to allow the release of natural gases from fellow on lookers. He hopes to see many of his dedicated fans to show up and contribute! Free Lemon with Chilli and Milk will be provided!

    Amazing stunt man attempts to pluck all his hair from all parts of his body with a single tweezer. The task is to be completed in 1 hour. The hair will be stored in several zip lock bags and place on ebay as a charity auction for a good cause! Happy Bidding!

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