Saturday Night Contest - Everyday We're Shufflin'

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Casey Rudd, Oct 22, 2011.

  1. Three of spades
    Seven of hearts
  2. 7 of Diamonds on top
    2 of diamonds on bottom
    The competition looks tough.
  3. Top: 6 of Spades
    Bottom: 9 of Diamonds
  4. Bottom: 5 o diamonds
    Top: Jack o clubs
  5. Top: 8 of Spade, Bottom: 5 of Heart
  6. Top: 10 of Spades Bottom: 7 of Hearts
  7. Top: Kind of Hearts
    Bottom: Seven of Clubs
  8. Snc

    top 2 spades
    Bottom 3 clubs
  9. top: 8 of clubs
    bottom: 3 of hearts
  10. top: Ace of hearts, bottom: queen of diamonds
  11. Top:7 of clubs
    Bottom: 8 of diamonds
  12. top: 9 of diamonds
    bottom: jack of hearts
  13. oops sorry Queen of diamonds on top and ten of hearts on the bottom.
  14. Top: Three of Diamonds
    Bottom: Ace of Clubs
  15. top: 10 of hearts
    bottom: 3 of clubs
  16. Top card: Four of clubs.

    Bottom card: Queen of diamonds.
  17. 7 of Diamonds at top
    4 Spades at bottom.
  18. It'd be funny if, in lieu of the recent release, the top card was the Ace of Hearts and the bottom card was the Ace of Spades...

    EDIT: I just realized Casey said he wouldn't do that... :(
  19. ace of diamonds
    king of spades
  20. TOP CARD: 3 of Hearts

    BOTTOM HEART : 10 Of Clubs

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