Saturday Night Contest - Happy New Year!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Casey Rudd, Dec 31, 2011.

  1. create a simple yet visual and memorable magic routine with a normal deck of playing cards.
  2. Like Dalton, I have a few relationship related goals. Had a big break up in 2011 when my engagement was broken off, so I'd like to get back on my feet and find the right person. At least be pointed in the right direction. Since I'm on a tour with the United States Army in Korea, I am restricted from doing a few things as far as gigs go, but I have decided to keep a creative journal this year and my big goal is to keep it and see how many constructive ideas I can come up with. Hopefully have several worthy things to claim by the end of the year. I would like to become more proficient with my sleights and flourishing. I really just want to outdo who I was in 2011. If I can do that then everything else doesn't matter because I know I will have succeeded greatly. Oh... and I hope to be promoted!
  3. To enter into the feild of coin done now 2012 will be the year for coins
  4. A couple months ago I bought Expert at the Card Table and Royal Road. My goal for 2012 is to completely read and study one of them-- likely EATCT. I've flipped through both and they're pretty thick stuff, it's gonna take me a while to accomplish learning some of the sleights, but in the end, I believe it will make me a far better magician.

    By the way, to me "read and study" doesn't mean finding out "oh that's how it's done" but instead actually becoming proficient with the ideas and techniques.
  5. My goal is to continue studying and practicing card tricks and card sleights until I reach perfection (or close to perfection).
  6. after 9 years of being a serious hardcore card magician, its time I moved on, so 2012, my goal is to start revisiting all my other non card magic stuff, and im gonna start out by going through F(9) by callen morelli, and boondock mental by nathan kranzo.:)

    happy new year to everyone.
  7. My new years resolution is to start learning some ney coin magic routunes to perform to people, get out on the street at least once a week to perform for random people and also to work out a new stage/platform show so i can start charging real money for my shows

    maybe save up for a good sound/speaker system

    happy new year everyone!
  8. i'm gonna be a better magician,get more serious on coin magic.
    Happy new year to everyone.
  9. I wanna just keep going strong and hopefully put out at least 2 new products next year and share more free magic :) also meet and network :)
  10. My goal is to get more comfortable performing and meeting people.

    And to keep my new years resolutions for more than a month or two.
  11. My first goal is to perform magic for an audience exceeding 100. My second would be to perform magic at least once every time that I leave my house.
  12. My goal is to be respected by those that I respect.

    I had a great response with my first wire effect and i've been stockpiling the material i've created for the last 5 years, working up the confidence to release it.

    I don't care for money that much...... so my goal in 2012 would be to increase awareness of my material through Theory11 and gain the respect of those who i've spent years learning from.

    I've got a plan to film another Blackpool cardistry video, to inspire newcomers like the participants of the first one inspired me.
    Then i'm going to dominate the wire, bringing affordable, practical new methods to everyone who cares to take a chance on me.

    My university course concludes this year and I need to find direction to start the career that could be the rest of my life.

    - Happy new year everyone.
  13. My goal is to do well in school, hit the gym more often, and create a new magic effect!
  14. My goal is to win an SNC
  15. SNC contest

    My goal for 2012 is to increase my knowledge, power, and skill on all things magic, particularly card magic. I want to be able to perform smoothly and get mind blowing reactions.

    Happy New Years!!!
  16. I wish to produce more effects and give back to the magic community :)
  17. My New Year's Res is to do better this year not just financially but do better as a person to my family and society. I also plan actually go through with one of my ideas and not miss out, I plan to unveil my illusion in 2012 and contribute to the great mystery of magic.
  18. Do work

    First off my plan is to win the T11 video cam that has been so graciously given away to a lucky winner! After I win that, gonna take the deck of cards I win tonight and start
    Filming The bad ass tricks I have been creating since I was 12 I'm 31 now! So when I say I have some great stuff, I do. I just lack the production equipment. Once tricks are filmed, can you say the WIRE? BOOM!!! Win, Write, Record, DO WORK!

  19. My goal is to finally get some of the material I've been working on up on the wire, and to pursue a deeper career in magic.
  20. My goal is to be able to kiss my crush on the cheek once after being able to perform Whisper by Jay Sankey to her.

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