Saturday Night Contest - Holiday Magic!

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  1. Of course, the name is Popiholla by Chicane :)
  2. Thanks alot fgab4! My brother wanted to know the name of that song for along time now.

  3. My entry and my performance debut for you guys.

    I shot this with my phone that I had sitting on a box, attached to a centrum bottle with a rubber band with a box of matches wedged between the phone and the centrum bottle, with a bottle of foot powder sitting on top of the centrum bottle to keep it from toppling over.
  4. I'm not going to be able to enter. =( I've got other obligations today that will prevent me from being able to film and edit a new vid. Sorry Casey. Best of luck everyone! I certainly know which video I'll be rooting for so far.
  5. Hahahaha, Jersey Shore fistpump session on TMS. :)
  6. About 3 hours and 15 minutes remaining!
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    i'll post the words later if you would like

    my script, no spell check.

    twas the night before christmas
    i went to the casino
    and the game i wanted to play was not keeno
    poker was the game i craved and i wanted
    a chair to play is what i had spotted
    it was four guys named jack and one guy named fred
    all with chips on the table, and fedoras on heads
    playing ace high was the win of the round
    and nothing but 7s on the table were found
    some red hot ladies and 2 who were not came up to our table
    to give us some shots
    this drink is for you from the guys over there
    i looked over my shoulder try ing not to stare
    the owners of the casino, looking my way,
    the table got tense, we just wanted to play
    fred was the first guy, he decided to fold,
    he only had a 2 and a three, or thats what im told
    the second man said, i want to raise 4, this man was for real, he wanted to score
    the next man said ok, i'll double your bet, i'll make it an 8, he wanted all he could get
    why stop at 8?, i'll make it a 10, the next person called and we started again
    the stakes where high my pockets, not deep, i got kinda nervous as i sat in my seat
    but then from the back there arose such a clatter i dropped down my cards to see what was the matter.
    onto the floor came a sight thats soo great, i think its 5 raindeeer, no im wrong there are 8
    they pull in a sled withjolly fat man, who looks like he ate almost 6 christmas hams
    he had a big black boots and a tiny red nose, a big soft red hat a soot on his cloths
    he looked all around, with a look of surprise, is this 8 13 holiday drive?
    we said no sir this is 51 main, he said he was sorry and grabed on the rein,
    he looked right at me and called out my name, and came over to our gambiling game
    he held out his hand and said take this here, you have been a good boy again this year
    He sprang to his sleigh, to his team gave a whistle,
    And away they all flew like the down of a thistle.
    But I heard him exclaim, ere he drove out of sight,
    "Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good-night."
    now that isnt the end,our story not done, we have a poker game to play and money to be won,
    so the first guy said ok, i will show you mine. a four of a kind, with a 10 and some nine.
    ha ha said the next, your all going to loose, check out this full house with some sixes and twos
    i thought i was done and i started to stand, but forgot that santa gave me a hand.
    and when i saw what i had, my head started to spin
    it was an ace to five flush, for a christmas eve win
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  9. Unfortunately, like William, I will not be able to enter although I have a really cool idea. I may film it later if I get the chance just because I like the idea Haha.
  10. Uploading

    Hello guy. My video is being uploaded, but because it's 5min long and 1Gb Big. It will take a lot of time to upload.
    Vimeo doesn't accept it, and youtube says 65mins left...
    Is there any time window so we can post it here ?

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