Saturday Night Contest - I Am Anonymous

Sep 14, 2007
Over the past few hours, you have asked many questions. I have chosen 20. I have answered 20. Many of your questions were not able to be answered with a simple Yes or No, so those questions were not included. They were discarded.

I will be posting a visual clue within the next 48 hours. Check the theory11 media section at 11:00pm EST on Monday night. See more. Learn more. In the meantime, cerca trova.

Do you only do card magic? No.
Were you not born in America? No.
Were you born in America? Yes.
Do you live in Houston? No.
Are you a soon-to-be t11 artist? Yes and No.
Do you think everyone should have their own style in magic? Yes.
Do you do card flourishing? Yes.
Do you were masks during a show? No.
Do you like other magician's style? Yes.
Are you a good speller? On.
Are you wearing a necklace right now? No.
Do you do balloon magic? Yes.
Are you male or female? Yes.
Have you been on TV? Yes.
Is magic a dying art? No.
Are you more well known for your magic than your flourishing? Yes.
Do you think a bad trick can turn into a good trick with good presentation? Yes.
Is presentation more important than method? Yes.
Do you work for someone famous? No.
Do you have at least 1 Jerry Nugget deck? Yes.


michael kent


Oct 3, 2008
Ahh, I haven't read this whole thread.
But if I had to guess, I would say.....

Joshua Jay.

Deleted member 2755

Oh yeah I complete forgot about the announcement tonight.:p

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