Saturday Night Contest - I Am Anonymous

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Jan 24, 2009.

  1. Haha what if you're wrong? what if it isn't Justin?.......just sayin
  2. Come on, nobody worry, me and tally are gonna reveal ourselves tonight as the two men in the first video. :D;)
  3. Someone please let me know that I'm not the only one who doesn't give three quarters of a crap as to who anonymous is....
  4. *Takes Three Quarters Of Crap and performs Flicker to produce a Fourth to perform Unicoin*
  5. It's praetoritevong, come on man, don't deny it
  6. When are they actually revealing the person. It dosent make sense if its Justin, he has 3-4 DVDs coming out with E. Why would he just go to T11 halfway through that?

  7. If nothing happens tonight, i'm just gonna buy some balloons and call it a week :D.
  8. maybe Dan Sperry? That's my guess.
  9. Alright, i'm gonna buy some balloons and wait till tomarrow night :D cause I happened to forget what day it was :rolleyes:.
  10. I originally thought it was Justin Miller but that new haircut makes me think otherwise =(
  11. No one is going to assume its the Bucks?

    There's two people in the videos...the AndThenSome teaser was posted...

  12. roflmao. In which case, you'll be disappointed, since...

    I have no face.

    You're not :p
  13. argh!!!!!!!!!
  14. Same!

  15. It could be just Dave (anonymus)....and Dan is just with him.
  16. tonight we (hopefully) find out. i hope that there is some actual contest involved with this
  17. I hope so too =/, my final guess is Sperry and Hauss.
  18. I don't think its the Bucks. Ever since T11 started up, they have been pretty independent between the on demands, having their own forum community, and releasing a bunch of stuff on their own. If it were my guess, they are just semi-partners with Theory 11. The same can be said about Wayne Houchin. Thread was made independently, but it was released on T11. AndThenSome was made independently, but it will be released here at T11 in addition to their own site.

    I do not think it is the Bucks. I'm hoping for some new cerca info or some new general info tonight as well. Fingers crossed.

  19. Yeah me too. I'm dying to know more about this thing. I don't think it's the bucks either. Personally, it would be kind of disappointing if it was. After all, in the Q&A thing he said that he's better known for his magic, not flourishing. Doesn't sound like one of the bucks to me.
  20. I bet your dan sperry

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