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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Jan 24, 2009.

  1. Sorry if I duplicate any questions.

    Just thought you all might want to take another look at the rules. :D

    I'll start off with a serious question:

    1. Is magic a dying art?

    #2 & #3 coming soon.
  2. Oh and ummm... welcome to the... forums???
  3. Do YOU believe in Santa?!?!? ;)
  4. Are you of a "spicy gender"?
  5. 1. Are you sick and tired of reading repeat questions (now that we're on page 9)?
    2. Can I please win a prize?
    3. Are you eternally vengeful at your parents for being cruel and giving you only one name that you could never figure out how to spell throughout your childhood until you became 13, but by then your ego had been so shattered and crushed that you honestly didn't care and so you decided to completely isolate yourself from society and focus all your attentions on one subject, in this case magic, elevating you to a superstar status of a theory11 artist?

    If yes, I can help.
  6. 1) Do you like panda express?
    2) Who would you like to meet?
    3) Do you like Jabbawockeez?
  7. do you have a "theory 12" T-shirt ??
  8. Have you produced DVD(s) or Book(s)?
    Have you been in the well known magic community for more than a decade?
    Are you more well known for your magic than your flourishing?
  9. can you do the "vanishing pencil" trick that the Joker does in "the Dark Knight"??
  10. Do you think people need to find their own style?

    Do you think a bad trick can turn into a good trick with good presentation?

    Is presentation more important than method?
  11. i figured it out
  12. Are you a Libra?
  13. are you even a magician?
  14. Are you white?
  15. Are you the greenman?

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  16. You look like the Walmart Rollback Guy...
  17. 2. Is all magic deceptive?

    #3 coming soon.

    Sorry if this has already been said.
  18. Anonymous - are you a part of the WITNESS email session?

  19. Don't tell anyone, but that was an advertisement. How does he do it so discretely.:(
  20. It was a legitimate question...


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