Saturday Night Contest - I Am Anonymous

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Jan 24, 2009.

  1. Who is your daddy and what does he do?

    - Sean
  2. Yes and no questions guys. YES & NO! lol
  3. Do you live in houston?
    are you in fact Danny Garcia?
    did you tear up zach's force card?
  4. Is anyone else thinking it might be Mathieu Bich? Maybe that's just me...
  5. Damn.... :D

    Edit: Maybe it's BJ Bueno...
  6. 1. Have you've done magic all your life?
    2. Are you more of an underground artist?
    3. Is your name known worldwide?
  7. do you like palming
  8. is your hair black?
  9. 1. Did we have dinner at a Chinese buffet near H&R Magicbookshop in Humble, Texas after the Mike Powers lecture?

    2. Did you and Shane get bombarded outside the Hard Rock Cafe' in Downtown Houston, Texas in front of a bunch of gay guys?

    3. Did you rip up my force card at Kostya Kimlat's Workshop at H&R Magicbookshop in Humble, Texas in October?
  10. Are you wearing a necklace right now?

  11. are you good friends with chris kenner?
    are you also an ellusionist artist?
  12. To me this screams DM because of the myserisness...and "i am old and new"(DM is old but new agian with these new 1on1s) but it would be to obvious to be hmm...Could be Kenner as he is old kinda lol, but may be coming out with TTOC which is new?

    Are you over 30 years old?
    Do you have at least 1 jerry nugget deck?
    Have you been out of the USA in the past 2 weeks?

    Those are my guesses and a future guess is only the 20 peoples questions get picked will be allowed to guess the indenty.

  13. It would be hilarious if all 20 said DG
  14. Would you trust Lee Asher on a deserted island with a girlfriend?

    Have you ever tried to prank the wrong Buck?

    Do you consider yourself better looking than Aaron Fisher?
  15. #2 besides this, have your ever worked with t11? eg; 1on1, music, editing, tricks, consulting?
  16. Do you now why the report power outages on TV?
    Do you do cards?
    Or do you do coins?
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    1. Do you play any instruments well?

    2. Do you re-gift crappy presents?

    3.. Can you finish this verse with the correct lyrics?

    My world is changing/ and the sky is fallin' down/ My walls have caved in and
    my mind surrounded by clouds/ Well I've...
  18. have you ever had a hit single called, " O happy day"

    Who's looking at you right now?

    What is your favorite magic book?
  19. 1. Are you Cardini's relative?

    2. Do you LOVE salsa?

    3. Have you fought the Cloverfield monster?

    4. Do you know a Barb Stahly?

    5. Is your favorite band/singer Sweet? If not Peter Frampton?

    6. Did you write me a song?

    7. Are "Stud" playing cards named after you?

    8. Have you treated Stephen King to a tea party?

    9. Tommy can you hear me?

    10. Monkey?

    and yes I know I broke a rule, but this post wasn't serious.
  20. Do you perform Gator Boots on a regular basis?

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