Saturday Night Contest - In The Air Tonight

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Mar 28, 2009.

  1. On the topic of levitation...
    Behold true magic!
    (not my submission btw)

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  2. These are not my submission!

    I made more than 1 picture if you want to see it :
    These are not my submissions just one of them but I post it in the page 5!
    I have a good time thats why I made these :)

    Sorry for my english
  3. I love how no one care that T11 announced that there is going to be a new project with Tom Issicson.
  4. here's mine enjoy.

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  5. I was thinking about that also.
  6. -I didn't notice that.
    -Thanks for the info Cringe.
  7. what you think

    My friend was coughing blood but i hope i win lol

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    here is me falling off the couch yet hopefully at the right time.
  9. heres mine. dont drink and fly!

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  10. *shrug* I stuck to the directions... pretty much.


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  11. yah i totally noticed that too haha
  12. I would so do this, but there's nobody here to take the picture :(
    Oh well
  13. Here's mine... after 20 takes.... falling on a concrete floor. You have no idea how much it hurt.

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  14. and time is up.
  15. how/where is the winner announced?
  16. not so good but there u go

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  17. they will be announced here later. Mean while, I think some of you should check out my "patience" thread.
  18. better one.

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  19. We received a lot of funny submissions tonight, but as stated in the guidelines we were looking for the coolest image - something dramatic - like in the example provided.

    With that said, congrats to AceHoudin for his winning submission here. Check your PM's in a few for information on how to redeem your prize tonight - the 1-on-1 of your choice, on the house.

    Thanks again to all who participated! Until next week.
  20. congrats AceHoudin

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