Saturday Night Contest - Let It Snow

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jonraiker, Dec 26, 2009.

  1. But I don't have time to capture it. :(
  2. It's all good, your entry still counts towards the contest!

    Good luck!
  3. Wow, I've seen that one before and it's one of the penguinmagic videos. You should do it while standing up, REMAKE! Just kidding.

    Since I don't have a camera, I would like share some ideas to you guys if you are interested winning this Saturday Night Contest. PM me.
  4. Thank you!
  5. Yes, it was in his Visu-Antics DVD.

    And thanks!
  6. Been working since 9pm on my submission, and it is STILL processing... :D

    Good submissions, guys!
  7. I liked it man!

    Good luck to ya.
  8. Was there a second person to fill up the water?
  9. Holy god man!!!! I actually just described you already so that saves me some trouble but STILL!! THAT WAS EPIC DUDE!!!! LOL!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! THat was so damn creative and I REALLY hope u win man! Kudos. I was probably going to do Flow as well but now I can't because u already win probably. Epic win man!
  10. its uploading now aaahhh the suspense! (my first snc)
  11. heres my entry. this is my first contest. hope i win. and btw all the ones b4 me were amazing especially the one from visu-antics. i have that dvd and its a pretty cool trick.
  12. Nah. Only solo stuff. That was the hard part that I didn't have a second person. :p
  13. trying to get it uploaded hurry lol
  14. nicely done

    it was nicely done but it really didnt have to do a lot with water.
    it was just basically a prediction/transpo trick with some water in the box.
    good overall though
  15. Upload faster!!!

    edit: i'm not gonna make it sad face

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