Saturday Night Contest - Luke Dancy Roundtable

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    • What were your views on Criss Angel before you started working with him, and how have they changed? (Magic-wise of course)
  1. 3. If there is one person you could perform for (dead or alive), who would it be and why?
  2. #1. What do you see in today's magic society that is different than that of the past?

    #2. Would you like to see something change in the magic society today? If yes, then what is it?

    #3. If you have a bunch of Jerry's Nuggets, can I have one?
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    Hey Luke its Dalton Edwards, from earlier just wanted to say thanks for meeting with me today with Doug Malloy, and talking with me at the Mindfreak store today. Looking forward to seeing you again. Thanks.

    1. I saw you with some Propaganda's today, brings a question what is your favorite deck?
    2.How do you feel about being apart of Theory11.
    3. How do you feel about being in the Mindfreak team?
  4. 1. Is Criss actually a really fun guy to hang around?

    2. Does he have a good sense of humor?

    3. Does he ever do any small card tricks, coin tricks, etc... behind camera or does he just do big, grand illusions?
  5. 1. Is Criss Angel as fake as everyone says he is?
    2. In reality, is he a skilled magician?
    3. Wat does he prefer, cards, coins, levitation etc.
  6. 1) How did you become a consultant for Criss Angel?

    2) What is magic to you?

    3) Do you like the color purple?
  7. Is your favorite TV magic special Criss Angel Mindfreak, or something else?
  8. Well I wanna know, what aspirations or pinnacle moments in your career have changed the outlook or altered your career? Secondly, magic is split in many divisions and sub categories, so from modern times to the good old days, how do feel about magic an the steps it has taken over the last 5 or 10 years? Thanks :)
    • Was there a particular occasion or memory that changed your outlook on magic?
    • If you had to have a job non-relating to magic what would it be?
  9. How exactly did you land your consulting job for Criss Angel?

    What specifically are your area's of expertise in magic, what do you focus on when you consult?

    How did you hook up with Theory 11 and this contest?
  10. Do you perform any of the same effects Criss Angel performs? If so, which is your favorite to perform?
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    1) What advice would you give to a young performer just starting out in stage magic?

    2)How did you meet Daniel Garcia?

    3) What got you first started in magic?
  12. (1) How did you manage to get out of North Carolina?

    (2) While in North Carolina, did you ever feel a lack of, say, raw material, for your mentalism?

    (3) Do you think McCrory will ever be defeated?
  13. Hi

    What is your opinion on the proper ratio between tricks and the non-magic entertainment that goes with it.

    After all of your experience with a wide variety of tricks, what genre has the best impact on an audience?

    What was the last trick to really make you feel a sense of amazement ?
  14. Obviously you collabed with danny g on the tricycle box (which is great for all thinking about picking it up btw), so what gave you all all the ideas and what's your favorite way on performing it?

    also, usually how do you come up with the premised (for any effect)?
  15. 1. What leaves the biggest impact on the spectator; very visual flashy magic, or slow, story-telling like-magic?

    2. What has been your biggest screw-up in front of an audience?

    3. Do you think that reading books or watching videos DESTROYS creativity in a way? That your personal productivity goes down, etc...
  16. 1: Why did you get into magic?

    2: Who inspired you to get into magic?

    3: What are your thoguths on Mcbrides '24/7 magician' policy? (in other words: always being 'on'
  17. 3. In your opinion, what would be the greatest magic trick?

    To clarify, it does not have to exist. You are only limited by your imagination.
  18. 1. Who was your magic idol as a child? Someone that you looked up to and hoped to be as good as one day.

    2. What has magic as a whole done for your life?

    3. What are your plans for the future with magic? Do you plan on doing something else five years from now?

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