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  1. Tonight is Saturday, which means it's time for this week's Saturday Night Contest. Tonight's event will be a roundtable discussion with someone new to the face of this site - Luke Dancy. Luke is a talented creator, performer, and consultant, and currently resides here in Las Vegas, NV as a consultant for Criss Angel's television series. He's originally from North Carolina and is also BFF's with Daniel Garcia (they have matching heart-shaped pendants, not really though).

    Tonight you have the opportunity to ask any question you wish. Everything is fair game - but as always, all questions should be respectful, professional, and conducive to an interesting discussion. Limit of three questions per member, and all questions should be submitted on or before 10:00pm EST this evening.

    A podcast will be posted on or before midnight EST with answers to as many questions as we are able to get to. One random member whose question is asked during the podcast will receive a 6 pack of STINGERS shipped on the house. Looking forward to a great discussion tonight. Please join me in welcoming Luke and without further ado - let's get started.

    UPDATE : This week's podcast has been posted. Check out the MP3 by right clicking HERE and saving it to your computer. Great discussion by all - thank you all for participating, and thanks to Luke for hosting this week's event.
  2. sweet!

    #1. What is it like working with Criss Angel? Are there really as manny camera tricks as some claim there are?
  3. Awesome! Roundtables are the best.
  4. 1. Are there any things to keep in mind when showing a magic trick on television? Do certain tricks work better than others?

    2. What characterizes your magic? In a word? In a sentence? In an oration?

    3. What sorts of themes to you like to include in your magic and/or presentations?
  5. 1. What do you feel is your greatest accomplishment?
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    Hello Luke!

    My questions (The first is always asked)

    1. Who inspired you to get into magic?
    2. What do you do to prepare before performing?
    3. How do you connect with your spectators/audience? (If you do)

    thanks! :D
  7. 1. Do you do any specific daily routine to keep at the top of your game

    2. What got you interested in magic in the first place

    3. Has their been any "wall" in magic for you, and if so how did you get passed it.
  8. 2. If you could change one thing about the magic industry, what would it be and why?
  9. What got you into mentalism?

    And also, what advice could you give a magician who'se gaining more of an interest in taking his learning and practition of mentalism to the next stage?


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    What do you think are the strongest points in performing magic?

    What do you feel is the greatest aspect by creating a strong bond with the spectator?

    What aspects of magic intrigued you to continue your journey through magic?
  11. do u enjoy cheddar cheese?
  12. What is your favourite magic-related book that you keep going back to and why? :)

    - Sean
  13. #2. Just how long have you been into magic?
  14. 1.Who got you to get into magic? did u get Introduced to magic?

    3.where did you get your inspiration to do magic from?
  15. Why do you think audience participation and involvement is so important in magic and mentalism?

    Mentalism can often be a very personal thing for the audience member or members. Do you find it necessary to create a bond with the spectator in order to make them feel comfortable with sharing personal information?

    Do you ever learn things from your spectators that you take home after a performance?
  16. why?

    What got you into magic?
    What kept you interested in magic?
    Why did you choose magic over a "degree" job?
  17. Why do you like magic?

    What is your inspiration?

    Do you like pie?
  18. What do you personally think you have contributed to magic?
  19. What appealed to you in mentalism? Why not cards or coins?

    Have you encountered any problems while performing your tricks? (Any funny ones? :D)

    What is your main goal in magic?
  20. What are your views on the magic industry?
    Do you plan on working with theory11 in the future?
    Big mac or Whopper?
    Do you have any tips on becoming a professional magician?
    What are you views on youtube magic?

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