Saturday Night Contest - Luke Dancy Roundtable

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  1. I'm all about creating a 'whole' performance, but in your opinion, what do you feel is the most important aspect of a magic or mentalism demonstration and why?

  2. What do you think is the most important thing performer should pay attention to?
  3. Hi luke!
    This is a simple one, but a little bit hard to answer:

    what is magic (and being a magician) for you?

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    1) what are your hobbies out side of magic

    2) What is it like working with Criss on the set of MindFreak

    3) Do you think it is better to learn magic from books or DVDs
  5. 1. What has been your biggest dream in magic?
    (Maybe where to perform, who to meet, or who to perform for?)

    2. Which form of magic do you enjoy most when you perform?

    3. What were your steps in becoming a professional magician?
    (Meaning, how did you start, then how did you get known, and how did you finally take that last step towards becoming a professional magician?)
  6. #3. do you think it is more important for a magician to be well-rounded in all types of magic, or to specialise and focus in on one type?
  7. What do you prefear?-gimmicked magic or just with a simple deck?
    What was your first "magician nickname"? (If you had)
    What was your first trick that you learned and what was the best trick?
  8. What sort of work embodies who you are as a performer? What's your preferred area of magic?

    How long ago did you begin work as a magician? What sparked your interest?

    What is the most memorable moment in your life as a magician? How did it affect you?
  9. What has helped the most to go far in the world of magic?

    How do you feel about the modern magic community?

    Are you more of a creator, or a performer?
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    #1. How do you feel about the negativity being shown towards Criss Angel?

    #2. What's your take on the direction magic is taking? Is it goood, is it bad, does it need to change?

    #3. Any good advice for people getting into magic?
  11. 1. Who is your favourite performer to watch?

    2. What was the last trick you saw that fooled the crap out of you?

    3. What advice would you give to those starting out in magic?
  12. Hey Luke:

    It is agreeable that there is an over abundance of card tricks on the market and in print today. What do you think is the best card trick that doesn't involve finding the selected card?

    What kind of preparation do you prefer when adding an effect to your repertoire of effects? When is an effect worthy of performance.

    Do you think that it is better to do a hyper-visual effect or an effect that happens personaly? Ex. a visual coin bend vs. a coin bend in the spectator's hands?

    It's great to have you here, I look forward to a great discussion :)
  13. 1. What inspires you to create the material you do?

    2. When trying to create an effect, what steps do you keep in mind that directs you to the solution or method that works for you?
  14. It's luke dancy, not jermay
  15. wow i am a total idiot, woops.
  16. 1. Why does Justin Miller have a trick called "Miller Cases Dancy"? Did you have a similar version and he jokingly made the name or what?

    2. Why do you like magic?

    3.My Favorite type of magic is ______________. The reason is because _____________.
  17. 1. What is the most difficult thing about filming magic on camera, such as Mindfreak with Criss Angel?

    2. Without who, would you not be at where you are today?

    3. How did you become associated with Criss Angel's Mindfreak?
  18. How do you respond to all the negative comments about Criss Angel?

    What do you think your most important show/gig ever was?

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