Saturday Night Contest - Make a Riddle / Receive the Clue

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  1. Snc

    It’s hard to see but I’m always moving and never lying and with my misuse you may end up dying. (Glass)

    64 chambers exist in this stack of 52. (Cards)

    My expression can tell you the motions of the heavenly bodies. (Watch)
  2. They seem to be different when talking face to face, but watch out because they will turn their backs on you and you will realize they are just like all the others. (cards)

    I allow you to fly, take a bullet and not die, be rich, allow your life to switch, take away things that are crappy, to make you happy. I don't exist, unless you persist. (dream)

    One to twelve, I count to myself quietly. If you listen closely, though, you can hear me. Some think I go to fast, for others to slow. What am I you ask? I don't have time to explain, cause I have to go! (watch)
  3. Once you’ve seen the hands on my face, you can’t help but pick up the pace (watch).

    Transparent yet strong, because of my high viscosity I live long (glass).

    Flash of memory, hopes and dreams, but paper thin is all it seems (picture).
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    Sometimes I'm scared if it's real
    Other times I wish it was true
    It comes out every night to enter and leave
    Only true in the minds of those who believe
    Live, it is a work of fantasy, to obscure one's mentality
    But in the end, it's time to snap back into reality

    Watch: (It's actually described as a digital clock, as in your everyday alarm clock)

    There are four, that are made up of seven
    Two more in the middle that divide our match made in heaven
    Sometimes I am four, but after a while i like to be three
    I'm the fairest one of them all, they all agree
    From the dawn of the day, to the dusk at night
    Rest assured children, everytime I will get it right


    I'm so shallow, you can see right through me
    I'm omnitpotent as so; to be immortalized, everywhere
    I started from mere grains, and I end with a donkey (ass)

  5. 1. When you’re feeling blue
    its the thing to do
    Just stop and stare,
    You'll find your share of memories there.
    Things aren't as bad as they might seem so just

    - - - - - (dream)


    2. Are you holding yours near your chest? (cards)


    3. If you want to buy me, you'll have to role some extra cash out of your wallet. (watch)


    Thats all, good luck to everyone else

    - Jenai
  6. One your master, another discovered. You'll need to check out the books for the final stand. (Cards...mastercard, discover, and library)

    If seeing is believing, the other side must be true. (Glass)

    A distant unconscious, remember me well, many believe your desires I tell. (Dreams)

    :) 4 minutes to spare?
  7. Pinch yourself, if you dont feel the pain, your in an endless utopia determined by your brain. if when you do so and you feel it to be botherly, either youve been drinking too much or you just won the lottery. (dream)

    it rhymes!
  8. You aspire to one thing –or many- all your life, but before you get there I will be assisting you during the day and night. (Dream)

    Look at me and you wouldnt know, look through me and know better. (glass)

    When a movie is playing you dont need me - beacuse you are already doing it.(watch)
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    You think you have me figure out! Just wait until you turn me upside down...What am I?

    I move forward but can't go back, I can move for ever but cant stand still...What am I?

    I'm as real as you make me, and live as longer than you expect me.. What am I?
  10. 1) The reality in magic is what people see, think and remember,
    But yet it's an illusion, a fantasy that you wake up from...
    2) The land of paper, covered in ink,
    This illusion is not what you think,
    Pictures and pictures, remebered and all,
    But you will never figure it out after all...
    3) A see through wall,
    Standing tall,
    All you can see,
    You shall not be,
    The illusion temptation,
    That we will never be able to cross

    Hope that a kid like me can winn :D
  11. Cards || Glass || Notebook || Dream || Picture || Watch

    1: Dream : Im alive when your asleep, you get to me by counting sheep. (dream)
  12. 2: Filled with memories that often spiral on (notebook)
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    Here are my entries :D

    Stare at me as I stare at you, showing two different movements to describe one thing. (Watch)

    I am guarded by two thicker beings, containing only the treasures of choice. (Notebook)

    Whatever I had shown you felt and looked real, but I am also a great magician. I just tricked you. (Dream)
  14. 3: The magic in these is not always a game.
  16. this is gonna take a while...
  17. Although not directly magic related, I saw more creativity in tonight's entries than we have in a long time. I find these riddles to be an amazing exercise in the practice of deception - toying with perception and manipulating awareness. Very, very impressive work here tonight. I particularly loved the submissions about dreams - they were all unique and memorable and made me think.

    Judging tonight's entries was a blessing and a curse. I spent the past two hours reading every entry twice, sometimes more, and thinking about each one. The criteria was based on creativity, originality, and clarity. Once the word is known, the riddle - if properly constructed - should make complete sense. Based on that criteria, I made a top 5 list of entries. And based on review of those five, one stood an inch above the rest. And without further ado, I present tonight's winner. In particular, I thought his first riddle was brilliant.

    Congrats to everyone. They were truly creative and a joy to read through. I hope the contest tonight was not only fun, but also got your creative juices flowing. Our winner will be receiving a package in the mail later this week. It's contents, a clue I cannot reveal, but you shall soon see...
  18. JB can you tell us the other four?
  19. Congrats to Fish! Good job!
  20. Will this clue be exclusively to the winner. Or is he only getting it in advance?


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