Saturday Night Contest - Make a Riddle / Receive the Clue

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  1. 1. I once used to be on every hand,now I am in everyone's pocket. ( most ppl have a watch on their mobiles)

    2. The only place where you can be anyone, but once out, there is no coming back. (Dream)

    3. With the advancement of technology, I have evovled from Polaroid to films, and now to gif,jpg and jpeg.(Picture)
  2. 1: Look closely and you might see
    I slow down agonizingly
    But if you seem to forget about me
    I fly around, like wind in the tree - (watch)

    2: I am a thought that no one knows
    Not even man can come near me
    Watch me close and it will show
    Nothing explains the likes of me - (dream)

    3: I can do, so much more
    Than it looks like I am made for
    But nothing can I accomplish at all
    Without my master, friends and all - (cards) ["friends and all" meaning fingers]
  3. Many of us want it when we do our job. It’s our obligation to make them see the magic. We must have them do it. (Watch)

    Epiphanies, Ideas, and Drawings find their way here. We must put them to use. (Notebook)

    Reactions start the process. It is held inside by our stem. Locked inside, it goes in any direction. (Dream)

    Good luck to everybody. Great riddles thus far!

  4. The dirtier I am, the easier to see. On a clear day, don't run into me. <window>
    Too fast too slow, and I'll lead you woe. At the perfect speed, me you should heed. <watch>
    A moment in time - yours to keep
    so you won't forget even after you sleep. <picture>
  5. 1. Only grace would be unknown, unclear, opaque to me if this very object was never created. (Glass) Adam Grace's "Glass" Dvd

    2. What is always near you wherever you go, that demands cursory attention everywhere you go, and is with you through the best and worst of days so long as it never breaks, besides your wife. (watch) always check it but pay little attention

    3. This only happens in the dark when you Remember Every Monster.(Dream) REM sleep
  6. This is awesome.

    My submissions:
    I OBSERVE your hands and face
    I SEE what you are telling me
    I LOOK because everything runs through you (watch)

    Fifty two dancers, they dance in a line,
    See how they cut and they spin and they twine.
    A suitor sets in to dance with them all
    And they know all the steps, hold spectators in thrall.
    He holds them lightly at the end of the night
    And puts them to bed, together and tight.
    He was not the first, as many recall
    To dance with these dancers, beloved by all. (cards)

    What? Where? Why?
    Whatever. Wherever. Why Not.
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    1. I read your thoughts and tell your stories. (Notebook)

    2. You see the world through my eyes. (Glass)

    3. The 1/1000th of a second that you try your entire life to bring back. (Picture)
  8. I hold the dreams of few , and ideas of many. Im in a class of my own.(Notebook)

    Im a private film only you can view. Its hard to remember me but each night I play anew. (Dream)

    A moment in time solidified, something worth capturing. (Picture)
  9. You can leave an impression on me, but never really notice as you see right through me. (glass)

    I am placed on the table, cut, but never eaten. (cards)

    I went to the city. I stopped there, I never went there, and I came back. (a watch)
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    Kingdoms rest within my case
    With different class and creed and caste
    But somehow strangley built of all
    Is that two clowns do watch them fall. (Cards)

    Round and round and round I spin
    Always moving foward
    But if i'm read
    You'll know instead
    That I change my own accord (watch)

    I have four corners, but fake am I
    A memory from someones eye. (picture)
  11. Within these hands they provide mystery. When properly shown they provide the answer. (Cards)

    Things can't be set in stone if you don't know where to cast the first one. (Dream)

    Each one holds something interesting, some light hearted, others dark, but all holds a story. (Notebook)
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    Although what you can clearly see is only inches from your grasp, a large barrier of me will shatter your dreams of touching it. (Glass)

    I am invisible, possibly shared by thousands or unique to one, but unbeknownst to others (if you are secretive). Yet, I am the driving force for achieving your goals. (Dream)

    Whether you are looking at 1 person or hundreds, my purpose keeps you from having a conversation with them. But look all want! You can touch, too! (Picture)
  13. Time flies by,
    When you stare at me,
    For this answer,
    Listen close to any David Blaine parody. (Watch, watch, watch...)

    Why I exist,
    No one knows.
    As time goes by,
    Your memory of me goes.
    But we'll meet again soon,
    Cause without me,
    You'd go crazy.

    I can be a film,
    A dream,
    An image,
    A scene.

    I can be for many,
    Yet most important of all,
    I allow the past,
    To be hung on your wall.
    What am I?


    Looking good so far everyone.

  14. 'Tis a consummation
    devoutly to be wished...

    "The unspeaking voice belonging to the heart whispers wisdom most profound".
    From medium of fortune telling would be most likely used to find this answer?
    ([tarot] cards)

    Though it seems that way, what I display is far from constant.
  15. Millions of people experienced this,but your the only one who know what you've experienced.(dream)

    What happens once in a minute twice in a moment by never in an hour?(Watch)

    It was soft before it was hard but in reality it is easily be broken.(glass)
  16. I enjoy making you feel bold, weak and fuzzy inside, that is if you can remember. (Dream)

    I am easily captured in seconds, if you are fast enough to capture me. (Picture)

    If not for the sands of time, with much pressure I am easily seen through. (Glass)

    Good luck everyone!
  17. 1. Only after my experience do you realize that I wasn't real... (dream)

    2. If I'm not with you, you ask for my brother, or look for my dad. If you listen carefully, my grandfather might just tell you what you need, for he can have quite a loud voice. (watch)

    3. "Note: I barely took." Now destroy reality. (notebook)

    Hope you understand them!


    P.S. I have a feeling that you wont understand the third one. Here's the explanation...

    If you take all the letters from "reality" out of "Note: I barely took," you end up with these letters:

    NOTEiBarelytOOK or NOTEBOOK.

    Hope you understand.
  18. Wouldnt it mean that the "T" would be removed too? Great idea though!
  19. Oh lol... I took out the "T" from took, not note...
  20. 1. Why so serious? (cards) (makes just about as much sense ;) lol)

    2. Words upon words, I'm like a book with no pages. (Picture) (a picture's worth a thousand words)

    3. Shaped and formed, blown and cut, I can take many forms, but a still sea looks like me. (Glass)

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