Saturday Night Contest - {member+mashup} 2010

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  1. Just a quick note. I've did a minor re-edit to my submitted video. I've corrected the link in my original post, and it should go to the new edit. Please see my original submission post for the updated video.
  2. so... assuming we uploaded to youtube? how exactly are you gonna use it? you wouldn't be using illegal software to rip internet video's to downloadable material would you?
  3. When you upload a video to most (legitimate) online services, you're not giving them ownership of your video - you're giving them the license to let people see it on their site. You still own it (or in the case of Vimeo, you can extend Creative Commons license). Posting a submission in this forum thread extends permission for theory11 to include your video within our mashup.

    Regarding the technical details, we're going to do everything we can to include as many submission as possible. For submissions and Vimeo videos, we can download the source directly from Vimeo / For YouTube submissions, we'll be using licensed software called mpegStreamClip to download the source footage. If we have trouble downloading your video for inclusion, we will try to reach out and have you send it through other means.

    PS - Your submission looks great! Love the bill change - very smooth.
  4. thanks, i was actually just curious in case i should upload it elsewhere so its easier to get ahold of. But now that i know the technical stuff i cant wait. and thank, it was multi-phase change but got edited down. Any early estimates on when the final product would be out? im assuming this will take awhile so mid-week? next friday? or will it be a surprise haha
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