Saturday Night Contest - New Year's Resolutions

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  1. This week, I'd like to create a new trick using a double backer. I was playing with D1IE, and pondering what to do with the double.
    This year, I want to double the amount of business. I'm working on some new promotional material.
  2. This week: Hold my breath for longer than 3 minutes.

    This Year: Beat the world record for furthest card throw. (72 yards).
  3. Week: Seamlessly deal tops, seconds, and bottoms from a single grip.

    Year: Continue putting effort into my routines and perform them more regularly.
  4. Week: Perfect my D' Lites routine and make it as entertaining as possible
    Year: Perform an actual stage show for the first time and make the tricks I have now as entertaining and amazing as possible.
  5. part one: for this week i want to perform david jades cartier and do every move as clean as i can from beginning to end

    part two: create a cardistry video(im not a big cardistry person) that utilizes one handed fans one handed cuts card shots an arm spread and catch thats ends without mixing up the deck
  6. This week:Learn 3 daniel madison flourishes
    This year:Build up my confidence,go to the streets and perform and start making my own tricks
  7. I recieved a new video camera for Christmas and want to put it to use, my skills as a magician are not all that great and i hope to improve throughout the years to come.

    This Week :: Improve on my Classic Pass. Ive been working at this for a while now and it is a tough one to do and i still have yet to get it right. Everytime i have a deck of cards and my attention is elsewhere, i am still passing the cards. I want to post my first video in a long time of me doing an acceptable and presentable Classic Pass.

    This Year :: As a magician i am always wanting to get out and perform. I have been off and on for the past 4 to 5 years. My most memorable moment was 2 years ago when my friend and I did some street magic at the fair. It was one of the best times ive ever had. Aside from showing friends and family magic that was the only time in 5 years i have walked up to someone and showed them a trick. My goal this year is to get out and just do it. I want to actually have the courage to get out and perform for people on the street.
  8. This Week: I want to practise on my selfmade shift
    This Year: I hope it gets in stores :)
  9. Goal 1 - Finish my cabinet project for carpentry class

    Goal 2 - P90X x 4
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    I do this sometimes although I give myself a month to achieve 3-4 things. Anyway, Here are my goals

    This week - Practice Jay Sankey's effect 'Reinactment'. (This includes scripting, adjusting the handling etc) Honestly, I think might take longer than a week. But I'll do my best. I've also decided to get a little bit more into flourishing, I like the utility moves and things like TG deck flip and some packet spins and stuffs, but I don't really know any cuts to apply them to, so I think I'll start by practicing the Butterfly cut. I hope to complete atleast one of these two things.

    This year - All this stuff

    Thats it

    - Jenai
  11. For me, this week i am gonna practice Alchemy till i do it smoothly and make Ben Seidman proud. :)
    This YEAR, I am gonna try to become better with ALL (yes i said ALL) the cardistry that Andrei Jikh teaches on Genisis v1, and v2 too if i can get it when it comes out.

    Stay tuned. XD
  12. PART 1: Schools starts tomorrow so will not have as much time as the last month but my goal is to really try to practice as soon as I get some free time but.
    PART 2: To become the best 13 year old magiciand [​IMG]
  13. Original idea, I like it !

    Goal for this week: I just bought "The Mechanic's shift" by Joe Sevau and Richard Hucko, yesterday. So this Saturday Night Contest, is a good opportunity to work it all week long ! I must perform it next Saturday properly.

    Goal for this year: I think that I should perform more for people in the street, in a mall or in a restaurant. So, for this year, I must go out and show my magic to everyone.
  14. Nice SNC idea..
    My Goal this week (part 1): performing Dresscode for someone, I have (hopefully) a new routine for Dresscode that I wanted to try.
    My goal this year (part 2): completing my street magic video project that was abandoned last year because I have loads of "real" work to do. :(
  15. Plan 1: Perfect GOAT so that I can perform it consistently
    Plan 2: Gain more knowledge and further my abilities (cliched I know)

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    This week: 2 things. Learn madonna 2 [I missed it out when I got the system]. Become a contributing member of the theory 11 forums
    This year:Get my magic to a level where I can use it to provide income and spread amazement to all I meet :D
  17. So I just remembered I'll be out of town this weekend without access to a computer most likely, so I won't be able to post anything about my goals. I'll try and write out my Dresscode idea, but if not, I'll still be working on my year long goal. Cheers everyone!

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    ONE: Learn and smooth out the B4 Cut and perform dresscode at school.
    TWO: Make my 1st routine and perform cardistry and magic in public.
  19. Wow! I like this contest...well here's mine...

    ONE: I'll challenge myself to do a perfect Anaconda while recording it on a video.
    TWO: Perform more to the public and make videos out of all of them!!!

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