Saturday Night Contest - New Year's Resolutions


Aug 31, 2007
This week, I'd like to create a new trick using a double backer. I was playing with D1IE, and pondering what to do with the double.
This year, I want to double the amount of business. I'm working on some new promotional material.
Jan 31, 2010
Week: Seamlessly deal tops, seconds, and bottoms from a single grip.

Year: Continue putting effort into my routines and perform them more regularly.
Nov 11, 2009
Week: Perfect my D' Lites routine and make it as entertaining as possible
Year: Perform an actual stage show for the first time and make the tricks I have now as entertaining and amazing as possible.
Nov 19, 2010
part one: for this week i want to perform david jades cartier and do every move as clean as i can from beginning to end

part two: create a cardistry video(im not a big cardistry person) that utilizes one handed fans one handed cuts card shots an arm spread and catch thats ends without mixing up the deck
Jan 2, 2011
This week:Learn 3 daniel madison flourishes
This year:Build up my confidence,go to the streets and perform and start making my own tricks
Aug 31, 2007
I recieved a new video camera for Christmas and want to put it to use, my skills as a magician are not all that great and i hope to improve throughout the years to come.

This Week :: Improve on my Classic Pass. Ive been working at this for a while now and it is a tough one to do and i still have yet to get it right. Everytime i have a deck of cards and my attention is elsewhere, i am still passing the cards. I want to post my first video in a long time of me doing an acceptable and presentable Classic Pass.

This Year :: As a magician i am always wanting to get out and perform. I have been off and on for the past 4 to 5 years. My most memorable moment was 2 years ago when my friend and I did some street magic at the fair. It was one of the best times ive ever had. Aside from showing friends and family magic that was the only time in 5 years i have walked up to someone and showed them a trick. My goal this year is to get out and just do it. I want to actually have the courage to get out and perform for people on the street.
Dec 20, 2009
Mumbai, India
I do this sometimes although I give myself a month to achieve 3-4 things. Anyway, Here are my goals

This week - Practice Jay Sankey's effect 'Reinactment'. (This includes scripting, adjusting the handling etc) Honestly, I think might take longer than a week. But I'll do my best. I've also decided to get a little bit more into flourishing, I like the utility moves and things like TG deck flip and some packet spins and stuffs, but I don't really know any cuts to apply them to, so I think I'll start by practicing the Butterfly cut. I hope to complete atleast one of these two things.

This year - All this stuff

Thats it

- Jenai
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For me, this week i am gonna practice Alchemy till i do it smoothly and make Ben Seidman proud. :)
This YEAR, I am gonna try to become better with ALL (yes i said ALL) the cardistry that Andrei Jikh teaches on Genisis v1, and v2 too if i can get it when it comes out.

Stay tuned. XD
Jul 23, 2010
PART 1: Schools starts tomorrow so will not have as much time as the last month but my goal is to really try to practice as soon as I get some free time but.
PART 2: To become the best 13 year old magiciand
Jan 8, 2011
Original idea, I like it !

Goal for this week: I just bought "The Mechanic's shift" by Joe Sevau and Richard Hucko, yesterday. So this Saturday Night Contest, is a good opportunity to work it all week long ! I must perform it next Saturday properly.

Goal for this year: I think that I should perform more for people in the street, in a mall or in a restaurant. So, for this year, I must go out and show my magic to everyone.
Nice SNC idea..
My Goal this week (part 1): performing Dresscode for someone, I have (hopefully) a new routine for Dresscode that I wanted to try.
My goal this year (part 2): completing my street magic video project that was abandoned last year because I have loads of "real" work to do. :(
Jan 9, 2011
This week: 2 things. Learn madonna 2 [I missed it out when I got the system]. Become a contributing member of the theory 11 forums
This year:Get my magic to a level where I can use it to provide income and spread amazement to all I meet :D
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Jun 1, 2009
So I just remembered I'll be out of town this weekend without access to a computer most likely, so I won't be able to post anything about my goals. I'll try and write out my Dresscode idea, but if not, I'll still be working on my year long goal. Cheers everyone!

Jan 6, 2011
ONE: Learn and smooth out the B4 Cut and perform dresscode at school.
TWO: Make my 1st routine and perform cardistry and magic in public.
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Oct 13, 2007
Wow! I like this contest...well here's mine...

ONE: I'll challenge myself to do a perfect Anaconda while recording it on a video.
TWO: Perform more to the public and make videos out of all of them!!!
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