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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Casey Rudd, Jan 8, 2011.

  1. I got into Magic for 4 years now, however I'm only being a Card-Guy.
    So, there's my goal.

    Part One: Starting reading and learning Coin techniques, like different Palms and simple routines.
    Part Two: At least master 3 - 4 coin routines, and be confident to perform them on the street or somewhere outside and not dropping coins.

    It's not an exciting goal, but I really set this for myself.
  2. Goal for the week: Get Jacksyna(ps)ces (from By Forces Unessn) down so that I can do the whole thing smoothly (as smoothly as one can with this material)

    Goal for the year: Get down at least three full coin routines and bring my magic to the streets or a restaurant
  3. This Week: I hope to add two more effects to my Jack Parker blog and make sure they are done very well.
    This Year: Promote Myself as a performer and get more gigs/ Non magic related get my motobike license.

  4. This Week: Master Pandora and mockingbird
    This Year: Start to learn coin magic
  5. Goal for this week : Begin learning Pandora
    Goal for this year : Develop at least 3 spongeball and coin routines
  6. This Week: Work out a method for producing cards from a coin purse.
    This Year: Qualify for NACM
  7. I probably wont be able to prove any of this

    but i hope to finish scripting magic this week..

    and this year i hope to keep pounding out on a character... and have a workable SCRIPTED act.
  8. Okay, the goal for this year was easy. Before 2011 becomes 2012 I hope to have videotaped a live performance for strangers which I'll be posting for you guys to see here.

    My goal for this week is a bit more modest. I bought the DVD "Freak" by Wayne Houstoun awhile back and still haven't even taken off the plastic. My goal for this week is to tear it open and teach myself the routine good enough to record it with my terribly awful built-in video camera in my laptop.


    This week: Learn "Freak" by Wayne Houstoun.
    This year: Perform live for a stranger and record it for you to watch.

    It may seem quite an easy task, but I've actually never performed for strangers before. So far I've only performed for people I've gotten to know. Partly because I don't want to use magic as an ice-breaker when I will gain much more from using and fine-tuning my social skills only, and partly because I rarely perform at all.
  9. This week: find time to create my own simple transposition effect (like my version of say, Tivo 2.0)

    This year: Work on smoothness in flourishing as well as confidence while performing to strangers. (And to start performing to strangers haha)
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    This week: Ponta's One Coin Routine.

    This year: Perform more and get a solid "core" card routine down
  11. Part 1: The Pandora Flourish By Dan and dave
    part 2: Post my first cardistry vid
  12. This week: I am finally ready and have put together routines for table magic, but I have yet to go out and propose the idea. This week, I just need to do it!

    This year: A magician that went to my high school and turned professional (Nate Staniforth) did a few shows that teachers are still talking about and they frequently name him when they see me doing magic. I would like to put together a show my senior year that people will be talking about for ages as well!
  13. This is a great idea!

    Week: Perfect Transit and Dress code, as well as find an original and hard hitting reveal for Dresscode.
    Year: Branch out of card magic and learn more organic stuff; then practice until performance ready, then of course, perform them.

    Week: Practice a ton, and let my mind wander out of the box.
    Year: Dedication and imagination

  14. This Week: Perfect my handling of 3 Fly.
    This Year: Perform for strangers rather than just for my friends.

  15. Just to make it clear for me and everyone else - will there be a new thread or are we to post in this one?
  16. this week: i want to go out with my friends have a good time. see if they lick the coin trick i have been working on because if they like it, everyone will like it

    this year: I'll do what I will do so I can figure out what I really want to be.
  17. For the week: I would like to master the "classic pass"

    For the year: I would like to get my first gig or start coin magic
  18. It's just nice to set my goal in magic at the very beginning of 2011. It also reminds me that a year is past, 2011 has begun!

    For this week: I would post my first cardistry video.

    For this year: Well, I would say that I want to continue me passion in magic and make myself a better magician. So I have to learn more sleights and routines, perfect the sleights/routines I've learnt and perform to more real spectators! In addition to that, I would like to improve my presentation skill. Hopefully all these are going to make me a better magician! Not only in my own thought that I am a better magician but most of you think so at the end of the year!

    The sleights and routines I like to learn: one hand popover, undecided, Miller Cascade control, Uzumaki, bottom deal ... etc.
    Also a few flourishes I want to learn or perfect: Jackson five, sybil, longitude ... etc.
  19. this week i wanna learn something new thats not related to cards.
    this year i would like to get a job doing magic, or just get more involved.
    also im trying to not bite my fingernails. which is a bad habbit
  20. Goal #1: Perfect the flourishes "Bicycle", "Sleepless", and "Turnover".
    Goal #2: Learn comedy improv. When something goes wrong in a performance (I drop something, mess-up, technical difficulties, ect...) I want to be able to make the situation funny for both the audience and myself.

    Map #1: PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE. I will need to devote time into learning and mastering these flourishes. I want to be able to execute the flourishes smoothly without worrying about messing up.
    Map #2: Read books about improv, watch other magicians/comedians and learn from them (without stealing their material), and perform tricks that I know so well that I don't need to worry about the execution about the trick, more about the presentation. That way, my personality will shine, allowing improv to flow into the routine.

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