Saturday Night Contest - Objectry Challenge

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Jul 12, 2008.

  1. I removed my video from youtube because I don't want that this Viet guy make fun of me. It will be on Vimeo.
  2. hey Bao, can you please do me a big favor, can you post your armadillo tutorial on Vimeo? ..... that'd be awesome
  3. Completely forgot! thanks

    EDIT: Monday, promise. Oh, that was off topic. Mods should delete that.
  4. Thanks man .... Oh that was off topic mods should delete that =D
  5. 45 minutes? It's one hour... man, I need to sleep.

    EDIT: Have you guys noticed that nobody from T11 crew is online?
  6. I dont wanna sleep cause Im eating my mom's lemon pie .. omfg ... its so good .... *yum.
  7. i wonder who won
  8. Great submissions tonight. A few standouts: Zack - your video was awesome. FatalAce - amazing work and (seriously) great moves. Many more were noteworthy (we laughed hard at Tyler's), but tonight's top prize goes to the one, the only, Bao Hoang for his pampers manipulation video. I'd like to call it Pampetry.

    Congrats to Bao, and good work by everyone that participated. Until next week...
  9. Bao is gonna win fersure man ..... Im still laughin ,,, omg
  10. woops too late ..... congratulations Bao ..... you should make another cool tutorial because you won xD
  11. My magic life is accomplished. Thank you! I would like to thank my little twin brothers too. They are the one that are using the Pampers. I'll train them into magic and cardistry when they're young to be like Dan and Dave. XD
  12. ...wait do I win anything?
  13. Congratz Bao!!! You deserved it!

    Thanks for the shout out JB!
  14. Yeah, the backpack from andrei
  15. Yeah but I get a PM?
  16. Or any other 1 on 1.
  17. Congratulations! I am just glad they were not used diapers.
  18. Yes, I think so..
  19. Bayme, Raiker, or someone else from the Theory 11 staff should be sending you a PM shortly (if not already... check your inbox) giving you your prize. Congratulations. I laughed hysterically! When doing the arm spread I was thinking "oh man... is he actually gonna catch this or is he going to fade to another scene?" It looks like you've been practicing the art of diaper manipulation for years now! :)

    Great video. I laughed hard.

  20. That was a good contest. Great videos everyone and congratulations Bao! The diaper manipulation was hilarious! Peace!


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