Saturday Night Contest - Patrick's Pushup Battle

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  1. Andrei with 23 pushups // Patrick with 16 pushups.
  2. Patrick 82

    Andrei 79
  3. Patrick Kun with 45 push ups // Andrei with 42 push ups
  4. Andrei with 22// Patrick Kun with 18
  5. Andrei with 57 push ups // Patrick Kun with 45 push ups
  6. Andrei with 55 push ups // Patrick Kun with 46 push ups
  7. Patrick. 48

    Andrei. 43
  8. Andrei with 30 push ups // Patrick Kun with 32 push ups
  9. no winner yet?
  10. Andrei with 95 push ups // Patrick Kun with 51 push ups
  11. Andrei with 36 // Patrick Kun with 27
  12. Patrick- 31
    Andrei- 28
  13. Watch Patrick's sexy muscles flex here!

    The results are in! We had a blast and a lot of fun! Thank you guys for participating. To preface this, several people guessed accurate numbers; however, we based winners on who guessed FIRST. With that said, no one guessed both of our results accurately; HOWEVER, we still managed to end up with a 3 way TIE! What to do? We're feeling pretty good this week so all 3 people will receive a deck of the super rare White Monarchs shipped on the house! On to the results!

    PJDC post #39 correctly guessed Patrick's pushup count with 57! Bulls-eye! As for my score, 2 people managed to get closest. One was first to post 2 BELOW the count, and another the first to post 2 ABOVE the count. They are as follows; inflames with post #20, and Vorezo with post #32 - count 65 and 69 respectively! The actual count was 67! Very close call!

    Please get in touch with our team asap to claim your prize. Congratulations! That said, Patrick would still eat me for lunch if we had a weight lifting contest, cooking contest, and probably an arm wrestling contest to name a few. He truly is a ninja.
  14. Andrei with 20 push ups // Patrick Kun with 15 push ups
  15. Nice one Andrei ! I didn't expect you to do so much...
  16. so i won? how do i contact the team?
  17. Sent a message to our support crew at to claim your prize! Congrats on the win!
  18. how can i claim the prizes..????? sorry i really dont know..
  19. Patrick:57 Andrei:67
  20. andrei with 40/patrick with 43

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