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    Oh wow. I feel so honored! Well, here goes:

    The year of 2008 has been, by far, the most productive year in my magic so far. When I look back on last year, I realize just how much material I have accomplished and perfected. In the beginning, I wasn't really performing much at all, and I would only use a few basic tricks if someone asked me to perform. I had practiced other material but I never had the guts to actually use it.
    Throughout the year, my repertoire of sleights grew tremendously and I really started to fall in love with sleight of hand. The classic pass is probably my greatest achievement this year. It started out as any beginner's pass does: horrible. I'm am extremely pleased with myself that I use my pass almost every day I perform and it is invisible and natural. I also started going out and performing more. To me, performing is what magic is all about. Why spend years endlessly practicing sleights and routines that you are never going to use? I was stuck at a dead end and never showed anyone my magic. This all changed when my mom had some friends over for dinner. Mothers being mothers of course, she told every one at the table that I did magic. After agreeing to show them something, I did a color changing deck routine I had invented recently. The performance went really well and the reactions and praise were extremely rewarding. This “jump start” got me out performing a lot and my confidence was boosted to amazing levels. I am very surprised with myself as I am generally on the shyer side. Performing magic has made me more outgoing and I am much more comfortable talking to random strangers and making friends.

    Recently, flourishing and cardistry have begun to enter my repertoire. In 2009, I wish to switch my focus to flourishing and really dedicate some time into practice and thinking of new, unique flourishing ideas. With the purchase of Dangerous - Motion in a few days, I am extremely excited to begin my journey with entirely new fresh material. I also hope that eventually I will be able to blend cardistry with my magic and continue to work on both. I will constantly be performing as much as I can and always be trying to improve what ever I am working on.
    I also want to begin doing children's shows and start saving money for college. I have a buddy who is very interested and I think it will be a lot of fun. I have always loved performing for children and seeing the look of wonder sweep across their faces. It always reminds me of when I was a little kid and I saw magic for the first time.

    I am so glad I decided to join the forums here. Theory11 has given me an incredible resource for help, advice and inspiration. We have seen amazing things from you in the past, and I look forward to see what lies ahead.


  2. 2008 was a year that furthered my thoughts that magic is not about me, but instead, about my audience. More so, it's what my audience takes away from the effect and not necessarily what I take away from the effect. It's not about doing this or that effect, the one that requires the certain double lift, or the top palm or blah blah's about the audience walking away and believing that the card they were holding changed, or the card they selected has now moved to my back pocket, inside my wallet, all while they held the deck. If they leave a bar believing the magic they just saw, it all means I did my job well.

    I bought some good magic this year, as well as some bad magic. I took chances during performances that paid off, and I came up with "outs" in case those said chances did not pay off. I'm most proud of the fact that I can go out to bars now with friends, and when someone asks to see something, I can kinda just go with the flow. I don't have to revert back to doing the same old ambitious card, or 2 card monte. I have effects that I can just make happen. Things I have come up with on my own, that play HUGE.

    In 2009, I would like to put together a solid 20 minute routine that I can perform at more intimate settings. Something I can eventually try at the Magic Castle. I wanna take the best of the best of what I do, and I want to have a reason why I'm doing everything. I want it to all make sense, rather than just going from card trick to card trick. I also want to move more towards mentalism and really start getting into that. I want to be able to structure a mentalism routine around not having a deck of cards, and still go real deep with my spectator. Still hit them real hard.

    2008 was great and I learned a lot. Hung with a lot of great magicians, met some great people, and I can't wait to see what 2009 brings. I apologize if this is over 500 words.

  3. 2008 - It has been a little over a year since I first started out in Magic. I took this year by the horns and used it to start fresh by dedicating a great deal of my time to the wonderful craft. I started once again from the ground up to renew myself with Sleights, Effects and Theories of Magic so I knew I was heading in the right direction.

    Over the year I’ve never once perfected anything as I feel nothing is perfect so I am continually working to improve my performance. During the summer of 08’ I finally felt that I was ready to step outside of my box and I started performing for more than just family and friends. I hit the streets and after my first few street performances I was entranced by the joy I could bring to people using nothing more then a deck of cards. Since then I have continued to perform and learn about Magic, I went through 08’ as a mere hobbyist which enjoyed performing for others because of the incredible interaction that takes place between you and your audience. I have tried my hardest to develop a style all my own and to use my skills as a Magician to bring happiness to others and to let people in on a world they may not experience otherwise.

    In 2008 - I was a hobbyist who was sharing with the world something I felt was beautiful. I took it to the streets and that’s as far as I wanted to go, this year I plan to achieve something different.

    2009 - I want to branch out and make a name for myself this year, I will spend the majority of the year practicing, performing and vice versa. However; near the end of the year I want to start doing restaurant magic or branch out and do small parties. I want to reach bigger groups of people and have the ability to be more then just a guest at a party, but instead become the entertainment.

    I want to take the time to properly learn what effects/sleights I have instead of purchasing everything that catches my eyes. This way I know I have done what is best for me, by focusing solely on quality of my material and routines; not quantity.

    I want to focus on my routines and develop something that is not only magical, but also compelling. I want to tug on a persons emotional strings and provide them with something more then just a few magic tricks, I want them to walk away with an unbelievable and remarkable experience.

    This is how I spent the past year and those are my goals for the 09’
  4. snc

    2008 was a crazy year but it was extremely productive for me as far as magic. I have worked at becoming more outgoing about performing for people and having more confidence in my ability.
    I have worked at adding more structure to my routines as well as free styling when the right moments occur.
    I finally got the Trilogy after working through most of the System.
    This year I was fortunate enough to see an amazing performance by Ricky Jay and chat with David Roth during intermission.
    I have begun getting advice from a professional magician who lives near me and has been very encouraging and supportive.
    For 2009, my main resolution is to perform more often for people that I'm not as comfortable with.
    I plan to continue working on Mnemonica and the Paper Engine.
    I resolve to gain experience performing for people I normally wouldn't perform for and to test my comfort level by performing in different venues.
    I hope to be able to maintain (furthering would be overwhelming) my passion for magic and my enthusiasm for performing.
  5. In 2008 I accomplished many things in my magic! To begin, I was mostly a hobbyist, until I came on Theory 11 and using forums got lots of encourage meant to actually go out and perform. I did, and it felt good! Over the course of 2008 I continued to perform magic for friends and such. I did a talent show entire school (500 kids), and messed up big time! I had to do one switch on stage and dropped it… yikes. This put me down for a while… Then September came along and I moved to a new school, new people, new magic performances! At first I was a bit nervous but I did start to perform at school and got the title “magic man” and was very comfortable performing for people…then the big talent show for the entire school came (1000 kids). I had never done such a show as big and as last time I messed up I was unsure, but new I could pull it off. Although very nervous right before I went on stage, I still went on very confidently and the show went great and did the same trick and did not drop the switch and worked perfectly!! That was a big thing for me this year and big thanks to the T11 forum members that helped me do this…. but that’s not all!

    Another accomplishment this year for my magic, Is I actually get to help out at my local magic shop every Saturday behind the counter, and that’s pretty fun too! And this also lets me have access to A LOT of books! So I have learned quite a bit over the past few months and just a cool thing I noticed… I got Totally Out of Control on Chris Kenner’s B-day! Kinda cool thing I noticed. Helping out at the shop also helped me get away from buying impractical, really gimmicky unusable tricks.

    And finally I started flourishing. And to start of course I picked up the trilogy from here and D+M Dangerous. I find I can do more of d+m stuff then dananddave but am constantly practicing until I hopefully can do it!

    For 2009 I will continue to perform, help out at the magic shop (and even try learning routines that will fool magicians!) and further myself in flourishing and my regular card practicing. I am also looking to join some groups like IBM, and the local magic club here and possibly also attend CAM this year. I’m also trying to build a character with a new performance style unlike Blaine and Angel, or just some funny guy who does magic, or some serious guy who does magic. I want to try and create something new and fresh this year in 09! And of course continue to be a member of Theory11!

    Thanks for a great year and good luck to everybody’s goals in 2009!!!
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    From January 2008 - about May 2008, magic was just something I liked but I wasn't completely obsessed...yet. In this time, I slowly got out of doing magic. I was more focused on running and doing my school work. The more I didn't do magic, the more I thought it was boring. Then summer came, and I hit an all time low (and I know I'll hit more low points). I felt like magic was not my love. I started to run long distance training for the Cross Country team at my school and did other things. I thought I really lost my love for magic. Then as I started to watch videos and practice and magic was back in my life. It wasn't very strong because I didn't spend a considerable amount of time with it. I was still running and completing all my school work. After I got an injury from running and couldn't run anymore, I started to read about magic, practice it more, and perform. I began to love magic more. In November of 2008, I decided to stop running with my school team and explode my magic career. My friend and I became the President/Vice President of our school magic club. Then in December, I went to an audition for Youth Film Academy. I knew acting would help me tremendously in my magic so I went for it. It turns out I am accepted into the school. Now I am obsessed with magic. During my winter break, of about 1.5 weeks, I did 6 hours of magic/success activities a day except for Christmas and New Years and the day I got sick. I felt so good when I accomplished my 6 hours each day. My goal is to reach8-10 hours a day like Dan and Dave and Andrei Jihk in January 2009. I want to have at least one day where I practice 8 hours.

    The entire 2009 year; I want to perform on stage because I am beginning to love stage magic more. I still want to perform close-up because that's when I really get to connect with my audience. I want to perform for community service because it just feels good to give. I want to perform at theaters, in my school, out at the malls, and out on the street. I want to test out some new techniques I've learned from known magicians like Kip Pascal, David Stone, and Steve Cohen to name a few. I want to do anything I can to build my way to the Las Vegas stage. As of now, my goals do not have the standards of good goals, but I'm working on that with a book I'm reading called "Success Is Not an Accident." I suggest you all check it out!

    Hope everyone has some really big dreams because if you do, I'll be meeting you sometime in the future.

    Happy New Years!

    Anthony Nguyen
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    In 2008... Wow. What a year. I suppose I'll start with me in January: A kid who found magic about a year ago, had looked up reveals for a while, decided to start buying tricks and is doing okay. He performs sometimes but is a bit embarrassed. He doesn't practice his tricks to much before he does them. January passes, it goes into February, nothing. February fades to March. Winter turns to spring, and then, finally, someday near the start of spring, a lowly chat room shows up. About six members, nothing big. The kid was just browsing the forums and there it was, little did he know, it would shape and create his magic for almost a year.
    June: The person now knows much more than before, he has learned great magic, and more importantly, can perform it well.
    July: The kid has learned how to use presentation that suits him, instead of narrating what he has done.
    Another season passes. The kid is well on his way, he is performing magic and getting great reactions.
    October: The kid is coming up with ideas for his very own magic tricks, yet he can't put a method to it, through some brainstorming sessions with the chat room, he creates his new favorite trick, an effect he performs all the time. He begins coming up with more and more ideas.
    And here I am, a 14 year old kid performing five tricks he had the idea for daily. Yet I want to become more. In 2009, I want to create better patter for my tricks, and perform even more, I'll perform if the mood is right, but I want to make it so I can make the mood right. I want to create a full routine of tricks I created, and I want to try to get further with magic through my school. Most of all, I want to use my magic for more. I can do it to entertain, but I want to do something. I don't know how, I can perform at my church, but I want to help with my magic for more than that. I think magic is an art, and all art forms can help people. Even performing at a hospital would be great. I just want to help people other than me.
  8. I learned a lot from this year, but most important was learning the value of friends in the magic community. This past year I made 3 of my best friends in the magic and flourishing community, and I hope to keep my relationships with them strong.

    Before I established relationships with these three people, the only magic community I knew was the online one. Everybody I talked to and who knew me were online, so a lot of my time with magic was spent in front of the computer, chatting and practicing for hours on end. Once I met these friends, I discovered an entire new community that was already established, and I didn't even need to get on my computer. I began to travel to Carmichael to spend time with other magicians, as well as go to the local shop, Misdirections. Getting out of the house also made my mom happier :p.

    My first '09 resolution is to finish junior year strong. This is the hardest year of high school so far, with difficult classes and the addition of the college search, and I've found that I am stressed a lot more. In addition, I want to be able to retain my passion for this art. My severe workload and demanding schedule makes it harder and harder to practice and hang out with my friends, and at times I find that magic just doesn't interest me. My goal is to find that magic and flourishing still interests me at the end of 2009, and I hope you guys will help me keep that passion alive.

  9. Well, I would have to say the highlight of my year was finding out that my geomotrey teach was also a magician. It started like any other class period, and hes was joking around (as usual) and pulled out a deck of cards and did the corniest, cheesiest, eaisest trick I think I have ever seen. And when he was done he asked the class if anyone knew how he did it. I raised my hand and he said "ho did I do it Isaac?" I told him how and he was impressed and asked me how I knew how he didit. Well my friend behind me blurted out "Oh hes a magician, he does magic all the time." My teacher seemed very suprised and asked me to show the class a couple of tricks. So I showed them a few pretty simple ones and I got very suprising reactions for such easy tricks. So he asked me to prepare a little routine that I could show at the end of the year. So I got to work and came up with a routine that consisted of a couple tricks from The Trilogy and a few flourishes.

    Its really amazing how that changed my reputation in school. I had only a few friends because I was pretty shy, and magic really helped me to be more confident and less shy.

    As for my goals for 09, well I am hoping to enter my schools talent show. If I can do that, it will be a huge step in my magic.

  10. 2009 is a New Year, as well as a new start...

    2008 has been an absolutely wonderful year for me magic-wise. Throughout this long year of 2008, my vision on magic has changed drastically. The respect I possess for the art has inclined, and my knowledge of magic has improved greatly. I also feel as if 2008 has been a huge leap for the magic industry as Dan and Dave Buck re-established their website, David Blaine flawlessly executed another life threatening feat, Theory11 released numerous new products, etc.

    I also realized that magic is more about the spectators and your performance, rather than just the effect itself. The previous year had a great positive impact on my magic-life as well. I acquired in my inventory an enormous amount of sleights that I am still working on perfecting. I learned one of the most visual color changes taught by Chad Nelson (Clipshift), and incorporate it into my daily routine. My good friend Alex Wacker re-introduced me to cardistry and allowed me to approach the art in a new way, from a different perspective. And I thank him greatly because I’d be missing out on a lot if it hadn’t been for Alex.

    The first year that I started out in magic, I didn’t really know what I was doing, where I was, or why I chose magic, rather than every other art in the world. I thought magic was just learning effects taught online by unappreciating youngsters, then performing it in a sloppy manner to spectators. Throughout the first few months of 2008, I proudly discovered Theory11, and I felt that I was home. Theory11 was a new, different experience for me, as well as every other member that was on the same path that I was: towards striving for success in the art of magic. Theory11 provided me with a new approach to magic that I had never viewed before. I realized that magic is more than just about you and your effect, It’s entirely about your spectators and their experience. Theory11 made me fully understand magic and why it is so delicate and unique.

    A little on the personal side in mid-2008 ideas started flowing through my head, and I began coming up with creative effects, and soon enough, I was creating methods for them. I felt as if I accomplished something, and that feeling became even more intense as time went by. I would like to thank Theory11 for being a major influence on my magic. But I would especially like to thank Dan and Dave Buck. Their style of magic and cardistry fascinated me, and they are the two individuals who inspired me to create magic.

    My New Years Resolution is to simply persue magic and correct every flaw, allowing it to better me in the field of magic. Hopefully, I will only improve my knowledge in the art of magic. I pledge an unending effort to keep presenting my spectators with a gift of astonishment. In addition, I pledge an unswerving loyalty to the association, and to the art of magic. I only wish the best for the magic communities, especially Theory11. If it wasn’t for Theory11, I wouldn’t be the magician I am now. Thank you.

    Happy New Years
  11. im going to keep this short unlike the longs ones everyone's writing about how inspirational they feel or are and sob stories and what not

    great, met up with magicians and flourishers rather than communicating through a computer screen, felt nice to jam with people that have the same passion

    hope to continue improving on the art (magic/flourishing wise) and just do what I do, create and have fun with cards
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    I started magic in 2007 when my brother was in the hospital. A little history on my brother; he is the most inspiring person ever. he has gone through more pain then most people experience through the course of their entire life, and after 27 surgeries he still remains positive. In December of 2007 my brothers appendix ruptured. He was rushed to the hospital immediately and had to get his appendix removed. The trooper he is, he was more worried about everyone else’s Christmas then himself. My brother came through the surgery fine, thank god. I went to the hospital short after the surgery, feeling terrible that he wasn’t going to have a Christmas, but relived that he was okay. Sitting next to him I noticed that there was a deck of cards, my mom had brought or him to pass the recovery time. I picked them up and said “ Want to see a magic trick?”. he smiled and so did I knowing that I could make him smile. I was a pretty poor magician at the time, but he didn’t care. So you see I “got” into magic by chance. I went on , feeling great that I could distract people from there problems or thoughts, even if it was only for a few moments.
    I continued my magic from that point on(and later flourishing-may-). Because it keeps me focused, it helps me think and also knowing that that I can bring some “magic” into peoples life. I show my brother every idea, trick anything that I think up or just learn. And, he is a big heckler and always on my case, so when he laughs or smiles I know that I finally nailed it!

    Theory11 has given my the opportunity to meet new people that are so talented that I can learn so much from. I think of great ideas, which never would have been possible without Theory11. Theory11 taught me over the course of the past year, to be myself and that motivates me. Magic completes me in a very profound way.


    My only Resolution for the new year is to continue making my brother smile. And to keep meeting more amazing people.

    Thanks again to theory11 for giving me a chance to share this with you.

    Happy New Year::
    and God Bless.

  13. Snc

    2008 was really a great year. I have learned a lot in magic, and I also got into some easy flourishing. Also back in March 2008 was the first time that I went out to people that I don’t even know and performed some magic for them. I remember my heart pounding as my friend and I were walking up to our first spectators. We asked “would you like to see some magic”. The people were very kind and loved our tricks so much that just because I stuck a pen through their 5$ bill, they let me keep it as a thank you. After that it was really not a big problem going out on the streets and asking someone “Hey can I show you something really cool”. In 2008 I also went for my school talent show. I did the metamorphosis and the dancing cane. I remember the amount of pressure on me at the time because my school put me on first. After all the show turned out great and my friends were all asking “How did you float that cane?”. With the help of my patents, friends, and other family I have accomplished a lot. Also with all the great effects that were released in 2008 like CONTROL and FLOW and many more just too much too name.
    In 2009 I plan on increasing my skills in many areas of magic like card manipulations and magic with rope. I am already planning what I am going to do for my talent show act this year and I am going to try to make it the best act of the night. I plan on doing this because I see that it really does pay off, all the hours of practice and hard work. It is well worth it because people will appreciate what you are doing and they will be amazed at the same time. It is also with the help of communities like Theory11 that I got the skill and guts to do what I did in 2008 and I am sure that will continue in 2009. I also plan on learning some card flourishes because it is just really fun. Thank you and I wish everyone the best in 2009 WOW!
  14. wow man
    i'm touched
    hope you win...

    you got the best story so far
  15. I'm glad it touched you,but I don't think tonight we should focus on winning or not. I think we should use tonight as a way to understand and get to know each other more,and why we do what we do.
    Don't you?

  16. It's Cardz9863, but it's true :p

    So my accoplishments of 2008 were, I had the best street and crowd performance I ever had. It was at a mall and I was in front of a store waiting for my friends, I was just springing my cards and a man and his family approached me. I started doing some effects and a crowd started to gather and gather and eventually I had a crowd of 30 people screaming around me. I was temporarily deaf :p Soon after the security had to "politely" escort me off mall property because I was "disturbing the peace" . I also learned ALOT of things that have helped my magic improve greatly, my performance style, experience and alot of new sleights and effects.

    My resolutions for 2009 are just to improve on my style of performance, and also just trying to get everything down perfectly and smoothly about what I learned. Thanks T11!
  17. I have gotten in the art of magic around December 2007 when I found a deck of cards and an old magic book in my house. The first trick that I decided to learn was two card monte. I practiced it for two days until it was flawless. The next day, we had our Christmas party and I decided to perform the trick to my cousin. He freaked out. I then performed it for other people in my family and they all freaked out. Seeing their reactions got me hooked.

    By around mid January of 2008, I had all of the tricks in the book perfected and I performed them for my family. But after a while they got tired of me doing the same tricks over and over again so I decided it was time to find some new tricks. So I went to the internet and searched magic tricks on Google and I found Theory11. I've noticed that this site was better than any of the other magic websites that I've been to. So I looked at the tricks section and saw the trick Distortion. When I watched the preview video, I knew that I had to get this trick. So 1 day later, I ordered it and it came in about a week later. I watched the dvd and played around with the gimmick a bit and practiced the trick until it was perfect. I performed the trick to my friends and they all freaked out. After I got some money from my birthday, I decided that it was time to buy more dvd's. The dvd's that I bought were panic and witness. I've perfected those tricks and performed them for my family. At around September of 2008, which is the time that I joined the forums, I've took a sudden interest in flourishes. So I've saved up some money from work and bought Dan and Dave's trilogy. I liked the flourishes a lot but I figured out that they were harder than I thought they were. In around October 2008, I went to my first magic lecture by Jay Sankey and met my best magic buddy there. I was practicing for around 5 hours a day everyday. By December, I was very good. I was surprised at how good I was compared to other beginners. Even my magic buddy who has been doing magic for about 7 years said that I was very good even though I haven't been doing magic for a long time.

    For 2009 I would like to practice even more so that I could start performing for strangers. I would also like to perfect the material from the Trilogy and try to invent a trick that would fool even magicians. I would also like to start performing at restaurants with my magic buddy and help out magicians on the forum who need help. I will also try to get a job in my local magic shop.

    Happy new year everyone!
  18. I totally agree
    and I would very much like to get to know you more
    do you have aim or msn ???
  19. And the comp is over?
  20. You know, it’s kind of hard to believe that it’s already 2009. 2008 seemed like it flew by, and until today, in this reply I felt like I really hadn’t accomplished much, but looking back I guess I have done quite a bit. 2008 as it relates to magic was rather eventful. I performed my first couple of shows. It started with my high school talent show, and led to the school’s drama department director Mr. Gabard getting me a gig at a local theater. I did a two phase act, starting with some card manipulation (Think Dan Sperry) And ended that phase by producing a dove from behind a fan, which led to my second phase, a dove routine. After a couple of vanished and productions (From balloons and silks mainly) I ended with five birds which I vanished from a box under the cover of snowstorm (Which I fanned with a card fan I produced to tie the two phases together again) After my theater show I was approached by a restaurant owner who wanted me to do some table hopping work, which I again had never done before, and after a short demo routine early one morning we negotiated out that I would start working for tips and we would see where it went from there. I still work at the restaurant, making tips plus $200 a week(Working three nights a week) I have a decent little routine that I tend to tweak a bit depending on my table, but it basically starts with some basic mentalist, (Hellstonism, and a bit of cold reading for some productions, and revelations of things like names) To build a decent connection with my spectator then I tend to do some more expected card and coin stuff, and end with mentalist again. I guess that’s about it for my accomplishments last year, and as for this year, I guess I really want to keep working doing what I enjoy until I finish high school, and then see if I can keep doing it on top of college. That, and I also really want to get into cardistry for a few reasons. Not only is it a wonderful, and often beautiful art, but it blends well into a lot of what I already do. I want to do those things this year and of course what all magicians should want to do, progress the art form.

    I'm not sure if this is gonna be in on time, but I can hope.

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