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  1. I suppose you could say I shed a new skin in 2008. Improved like heck, if you ask me. Right now, I'm watching my noob videos I shot last year at the beginning of 2008, and I am absolutely disgraceful at that time. Of course NOW, I'm sure many will agree I'm much better. I've learned that the trick itself is raw power. Potentially dangerous. But this can't be delivered to the audience without showmanship. You must slowly guide the audience into the effect, and channel the power of the trick properly. No matter how easy/hard the trick is, it's NOTHING without showmanship. I've also started creating tricks, so that's cool...

    In 2009! I plan to get some of my tricks published, and improve on my showmanship and presentation. I have to keep up my sleights, and I'm gonna learn more and more.

    Did I win the cards?
  2. Nope, didn't make it. I just got home from a gig (Mentioned in my essay thing) and saw this, but I didn't make it in time. Oh well, there's always next saturday XD
  3. This year,in magic, ive done what ive wanted to for a long time.
    Literally make a life changing experience for a spectator.Not just entertain you know?
    And I think,I hope,I did.
    There was a middle aged man sitting on a bench while I was at the park with my family.
    And he had this look like he didnt want to be there.Or outdoors for that matter.
    I had a water bottle with me so I set-up for factory sealed.But with a more 'natural' I hate those things. I decided to unplug him. But I didnt approach him like I do everyone else.
    I didnt ask him if he wanted to see "something". I didnt give him a choice.
    I said aloud "Nice day huh?"
    He jerked up a bit and glanced over and said "Yeah,I guess so" and went back to his machine.
    I picked up a random leaf that was close to him so he'd notice and I began to look intrigued by it.
    He sneaked a glanced over and smirked(or whatever kind of jerk noise he made).
    I pulled the bottle out and held it in front of him and he stared at it confused.I put the leaf next to the bottle and stared intently at the bottle and "pushed" the leaf through the bottle.
    The handling was of course a bit different from using a coin.
    He saw it go through and then I left the bottle in front of him.
    And then I looked straight at him and said "Open your eyes.." and left.
    (Quote taken from "abre los ojos"Directed by Alejandro Amenábar.Remade as "vanilla Sky".)
    I went far off and looked over at him for awhile.
    He seemed so..detached.He stared at the bottle for the longest time and looked around(maybe for me idk)
    And then he started laughing.It was incredible.He got up and went over to two kids(his children I think) and started playing with them.Never letting go of the bottle.
    It was unreal.Like a movie moment.
    After a while they started to leave.I was over by the swings with my brother and he looked over at me and took a step forward but then hesitated.nodded at me and just got in his car.With bottle in hand.Reading over this it sounds kinda fake but i swear its the truth.
    And it was the greatest feeling ever.
    This year though I hope on continuing creating these experiences with magic.But my real resolution is to ask out this wondeful girl out.
    Shes beautiful,charming and has a smile that'll be the end of me.
    My day is miserable when i dont see her.
    Usually I have no problems speaking to a girl.Actually never.Not even my first girlfriend or the last 6.
    But this one has me stuttering. And it doesnt matter if she says no because she'll still be my friend.Thats how amazing she is.As long as she's happy.OK..thanks for reading.

  4. My aim is wynnfreak. And my msn(dont use it too much) is Oh and my youtube is just in case you were wondering.

  5. *Sits and waits eagerly for 11:30*
  6. I've been playing with magic for a few years now. And that's what I mean, I've just been playing, it's never coalesced into anything more than something to make myself seem impressive and get some ego-massaging reactions. 2008 was the year of my epiphany when I realised what it was that I'd been missing, and what I felt was missing from many other magic performances. Dai Vernon had it and Derren Brown has it, and it's the creation of an intimate piece of theatre in which both the performer and audience play a part. So, it's no longer about showing someone a trick, it's about inviting them into a shared experience of magic, leaving them astonished and entertained but also feeling as if they know me and my character a bit better. I haven't just performed something and moved on "for my next trick", but the show becomes a flowing interaction, as natural as any conversation between friends except punctuated by moments of wonder. I haven't acheived this completely yet, but I know now what my goal is with magic, and I can keep focussed and determined because I can see where I'm going.

    2009 is all about reinforcing my foundations. Go back over the works of Dai Vernon and Derren Brown, who are closer to what I want to be as a performer as anyone. Keep studying Erdnase every day. Dig more into the history of magic, and discover the nuggets of wisdom from the past-masters, who, with a much smaller toolbox than we have today, managed to work miracles. Robert-Houdin, Hofzinser, Houdini, Dr Elliott, Downs...the list goes on.
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  14. so guys.... BT
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    Awsome, contest y'll.
  17. hey, saturday night contest folks. There isn't much to say about this contest other than....BT. good luck everybody!
  18. 7 minutes 6! oh boy!
  19. i assume the whole "BT" thing originated from the JM chats. Am i right?
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