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Saturday Night Contest - Roundtable :: Andrei Jikh

Jun 10, 2010
In light of the recent Cardistry thread, Andrei,

1. In your eyes, what makes Cardistry an art?

2. How does Cardistry, as an art form in your eyes, differentiate from other art forms and the way they communicate emotions and expressions?

P.S. Sorry about anything I said that might've come across as offensive in the thread "Cardistry - What's the point?". It wasn't my intention to offend you nor anybody else on the thread.
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Jun 26, 2010
What are your biggest inspirations? What inspires an individual flourish? Does it just hit you, or do you think of it in pieces?
hi curious about how fast you handle the card when do flourishing...
1. how long you practice your flourish in a day?

2. when you do flourishes with cards how long the card will last?(start from brand new open until its really broke..)
Oct 31, 2009
I'm a lefty but I incorrectly practiced cardistry as a righty.Should I start over again?????
u have a very sweaty hand so do u have any advice/methods to keep the card in shape for a long time(3-4 months)???
Jan 21, 2011

I took a few of my best questions and posted them below:

I've noticed that you used Bicycle in Geneis V1. Many cardists and flourishes seem to like Tally-Ho better. Why do you use Bikes, as opposed to Tally-Ho which seem to be the general consensus among the community.

Do you perform on the street? It seems like magicians have a lot easier time getting out there and performing for random people. It might be a challenging step for a cardist to perform for random people on the street who do not understand the art.

What would be your advice for someone looking to make money in the cardistry industry (I'm a poet and I don't even know it!)

What is your favorite environment for performing, practicing, and creating.

What is your creative process for new flourishes?
1. What separates Genesis v2 from all the other cardistry DVDs out there? Why is Genesis better?

2. What is the general process for developing a flourish/move?

3. While working on Genesis, did you take inspiration from other flourishers? If so, whom?

Thank you, and congratulations on your DVD release!
Jan 19, 2009
Have you ever taught that you will make this DVD?
You already released the volume 1, What inspired you to release the volume 2?
Everybody wants to keep their secrets, their secret moves, their coolest flourishes, What's your goal with these DVDs/ Why did you give out your secrest?
Jun 6, 2010
Nashville, TN
1. How do your emotions play a role in your creating and how do you portray that?

2. Out of all the flashy, creative, interesting art forms out there, what is it about cardistry that attracted you?

3. How far can cardistry be taken? Will there be a period where people just run out of ideas or not?

4. Where did you first start to learn cardistry?
Hey Andrei,

My question for you is, what about this 2nd volume of Genesis was more challenging or more complex then the first volume?

Also, why do you think there is only a minimal amount of cardists that have such a strong passion and vision for what is possible in the art of cardistry?
Jun 22, 2010
Martinez, CA
When you have no new ideas and you need inspiration, where do you go for inpiration, a book, a person or do you just sit and think?
Why did you choose Cardistry over card magic, was card magic even an option for yourself, why or why not?

Thank you, Erick.
Mar 5, 2011
Wonderful Asia
My Question for Andrei Jikh

My Question:
1. Who is the most inspiring people who involved your cardistry ideas?
2. I saw the thriller Genesis V2 contain the names sounds like astronomic things (like Atom, Interlock Delta, Star Dust, etc). Where you got that name come from? and what concept will you use to Genesis V3 ?
3. Is your child (one day) will continue your skill of cardistry ? :D .

Genesis V2 so awesome man.. :)

Cheers , Ristanto
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Feb 12, 2011
At my Computer
I know being a flourisher that after cards lose there feel and start to clump that they are almost know use to you. How many decks of cards do you go through every year and how many decks do you own?
Sep 1, 2010
do you do any magic? or just focus on cardistry.

the reason why i ask is that you taught the revolver change on theory11 :)
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