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  1. Do you do anything day-to-day other than Cardistry and stuff pertaining to cards (eg. Job, School, etc)? Is there anything else you have a passion for?


    How does it make you feel, knowing you’ve inspired many people to get into Cardistry?
  2. 1. How does deck quality effect quality effect cardistry? I.e, do you think there are only a handful of decks that are good enough for cardistry, or will a $2 Standard deck be sufficient? What's your favorite deck, and if it's not currently being produced, how many of them do you have?

    2. Besides practice, what is the most important thing to developing cardistry skills? Deck choice, starting point (Genesis vol1, The System, theCuso, etc), having a mentor, or something else?
  3. How do you incorporate cardistry and flourishes into magic effects? Or did you completely give up magic and put all your focus on cardistry and flourishes?
  4. Great questions tonight that resulted in a very constructive, fun podcast! Check it out below to see what questions made the final cut. We covered topics all over the map, and we attempted to get to as many of your questions as we could within a 30 minute time limit. Let us know what you think. Our prize tonight, as picked at random, goes to 3ryk - who will receive Gv2 on the house!
  5. YES! They used my question =]
  6. OH SNAP!

  7. I missed it......
  8. Wow! My 1st time participating in a contest & had a question answered. Thanks, this made my night!
  9. Thanks for asking my question! First time it's happened.
  10. Decks of Cards.

    How many decks of cards do you have? And what was your first deck of cards you ever got?
  11. What gave u the idea of Making the Ganesis series?
  12. Andrei, where do you get your inspiration from?
  13. Andrei,

    What is your advice when it comes to creating a cardistry routine that flows and keeps an audience interested? Examples?

    - JCG
  14. Andrei,when you started playing with cards did you dream that big that you gonna do 3 vol. dvd?
    or you never thought its will be more than a hobbie
  15. Hi,Andrei,

    What is the music used in trailer...
    Why No download version? maybe somepeople want to buy download version...
    have some underground move or content in the DVD?


  16. How do you believe cardistry makes an impact in the world in which we live on?
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    Cardistry seems to be the most anti social art form with cards, One that doesn't touch base with a spectator on a personal level like magic does. Being one who is behind Cardistry downloads/products such as Genesis Vol 1, 2, B4, Backpack cut..etc.. Why do you think someone who does magic (me) should learn Cardistry and hone and perfect it such as yourself?
  18. Why did genesis v2 took so long and how did u create these awesome flourishes.
  19. so how do I go abouts claiming this prize?

    that's so awesome!! thanks guys!!
  20. If you would think on top of your head your FAVORITE cardistry move, what is it and why?

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