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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Casey Rudd, Mar 19, 2011.

  1. 1. What was your first deck of cards? Do you still keep it?

    2. What do you get from cardistry? Fun, Friends, Money, Girls?
  2. do you think being a good flourisher can make your magic better?
  3. How can the life of a flourisher can be?
  4. With regards to booking acts do you consider cardistry to be commercially viable?
  5. How long do you usually practice a day? How much did you need to practice to get good?
  6. Out of every genre of magic related arts, Why choose flourishing? Why does that stand out to you over everything else?
  7. cardistry?
  8. Do you like cheese?

    What does cardistry mean to you?

  9. Why t11 and not other companies?
  10. Hey Andrei,

    We've seen Genesis v1, of course, and now v2.

    Looking into the future, after you've completed the trilogy of "Geni", what do you have in mind for future projects? Will you be taking time out to create new material before making a start, or is the next thing planned out in your mind already? I can't really imagine you taking early retirement! :)

  11. Have you ever had a downfall within your experience with flourishing or magic? If so, how did you overcome it?
  12. What is your full name, and from where does your family originate?
  13. What do you do with your skills/flourishing, do you perform or just create?
  14. Brian Tudor said that no matter how much you create you will never scratch the surface of possibilities so one, do you think that is true and two, if so then will you ever retire from creating flourishes?
  15. What was the first flourish you invented?
  16. Andre , How you practice the move? Let's say Long Spring , you practice it until master it , or you practice combine by other move?
  17. when did you start magic/flourishing and did you ever think just little bit that you would become a theory11 artist after B4cut
  18. Do you put anything on your hands before you start flourishing.
  19. What are some practicing tips that you would give both someone who is interested in cardisty, and what are some practicing mistakes that could ultimately harm the progress of someone new to the art.
  20. I remember reading in the forums thats you at one point completely recreated your style. My question is how did you go about this and how difficult did you find it?

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